17 Things That Only Make Sense To People Who Are Always Tired

If you're a chronically tired person like this chick over here, you're probably already daydreaming – between yawns – how incredible your flannel sheets and down comforter are going to feel tonight.

You know what's UP when it comes to pillow, sofa and mattress shopping because, well, you're the real MVP of snoozing.

If anyone wants to find you on Black Friday, they know where you'll be… first in line at Bed Bath & Beyond, fully prepared to fill that cart up with quilts and fine bedding.

While the squad wants to go bar hopping over the weekend, the thought of snuggling in your bed with a bottle of wine just sounds so much more appealing. So, you do you like a boss and chill in that bed.

If you're chronically tired, you know the struggle can be real at all times of the day, during every season. But it's just how you roll.

Here are 17 things that only truly make sense to people who are chronically tired:

1. You have two glasses of wine on a Friday night, and you're ready to peace out… to sleep.

“But my bed just seems so inviting, though…”

2. You have a talent for being able to curl up and snooze any place, any time.

It's an acquired talent not many can master. That couch is looking super cozy right about now…

3. You see a bed and instantly want to hop in and snuggle.

Put on an oversized sweatshirt, sweatpants and warm socks. Then, you're set.

4. You're the queen of hitting the snooze button 10 (or maybe even 20) times.

OOPS. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

5. You have no problem going to sleep at 9 pm during the week.

Honestly though, you own it without shame.

Beauty rest is important, right?

6. You have at least five cups of coffee before 12 pm.

How would you make it through the day otherwise? A life without coffee would be no life at all.

7. You're a notorious blanket hog.

This naturally comes with the territory.

8. “Namaste in bed” is your ultimate motto.

Sure, yoga is cool and all... but this is truly the one and only motto that's key to your heart.

9. Mondays are actually the worst of the worst.

You and Mondays just don't click, and they affect you way more than they do other people.

The thought that Monday actually has the nerve to take you away from relaxing in your beloved bed just does NOT fly.

10. When someone asks you how you're doing, you typically have one go-to response.

“I'm tired AF.”

11. You're still tired after getting more than the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Even after 10 hours of catching some serious zzzs, the yawns keep coming.

12. Some think about their next meal. You think about your next nap.

It's a valid concern.

13. Your room is your peaceful, serene haven.

You wouldn't have it any other way.

14. You and your bed just get each other.

The two of you share a bond no one can replace or try to replicate.

15. You're not only physically tired... you're mentally exhausted as well.

You know all shapes and forms of being tired like the back of your hand.

16. You take snuggle time very seriously.

You really don't mess around.

17. You may casually fall asleep during a boring conversation.

#SorryNotSorry. You look at it as an open invite to take a quick catnap.

To be honest, all this talk about being tired is really making me crave a cup of Yogi bedtime tea and my fluffy down comforter.

BRB, going to take a quick nap.