Celebrities Are Sh*tty Role Models

Remember the days when you used to look up to celebrities, follow their lives and use them as role models? I don’t either; but I am assuming that if you go way, way back, there must have been a time when this was true.

Whether or not this is the case holds no bearing on the fact that right now celebrities are the worst possible role models out there. The sad part is, they are so much in the spotlight that for better or (most definitely) worse, they are role models to millions nonetheless.

Let’s take a quick peak at some of the most prominent celebrities of the day. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite mess: Lindsay Lohan. I doubt that much needs to be said about the alcoholic waste of a person that she is. With so much talent and a pretty face, it’s a shame to see her get arrested over and over again.

Lohan even lied about her (most recent) car accident, claiming that her assistant was behind the wheel when Lohan herself was the one that smashed her car into a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

She isn’t the only one with a bad reputation that is shaping the lives of the young and naïve. Former role model and hero to many, Lance Armstrong has also been making headlines nonstop recently — and not because he won another Tour de France.

Armstrong had most of his medals stripped after admitting that he was doping for most of his cycling career. Let me remind you that this is the same man who ruined the lives of anyone who accused him of using illegal performance enhancers in the past.

Let’s keep things rolling with one of my personal favorite misfits: Chris Brown. The man almost beat a woman to death, yet still continues to be a teen-pop sensation. Sure, his music is decent — but the guy beats women! He has continuously shown us that he has no control over his anger.

He most recently got into a fight with Frank Ocean over a parking spot and punched the guy in the face. And let’s not forget his audacity, painting a picture of a crucified Jesus, stating that he was painting how he is “feeling” at the moment. Yet he remains a role model for all the youngsters.

There are two major issues with all of this. For starters, too many poor excuses for human beings are making their way into role model spotlight. And two, no one seems to write about all the good things that celebrities, who actually have their shit together, do. All you ever read about is all the dumb stuff that celebrities do.

You do something stupid and you make a headline; you do something good and no one ever knows about it. Just think about all the “celebrities” who are famous for fucking on camera. Is this just the way it is in America? Or is the whole world so fucked up?

Paul Hudson | Elite.