5 Ways To Celebrate Your Blackness During Black History Month

by Autumn Myers

That time of year is here again. February is the month that allows you to be open about your blackness without remorse or regret. It's more well-known as Black History Month.

Now, being of African descent should be celebrated every day and embraced in every way. However, not everyone sees it that way. There is still a great amount of racial tension in America.

So, this year, let’s take advantage of this month with some pride and dignity. Here are five ways you should spread your blackness this February:

1. Read a Civil Rights Movement quote a day.

How many of us can say we know the full “I Have a Dream" speech by the great Dr. Martin Luther King? Can we really remember any of his actual words besides, “I have a dream that one day..?”

If you said no, then get on it. Find a quote a day by the great civil rights leaders and utilize it. Memorize it, and make it relevant to your life. Let those words soak in and empower you.

This is what caused a change in the nation. Now let it cause a change in you and your daily actions.

2. Donate to a black rights charity.

It is tax season, and you are getting paid. Before spending that money on bills, shopping and a night out, think about a charity.

There are numerous charities that are giving back to black communities that help out with the arts, various crises and other improvements. Think about doing research and finding a GoFundMe page that will help you give back.

Donate at least $10 or $20 to this charity, if possible. Give not only your voice to the movement, but also your money.

3. Buy from a black-owned business.

Now, before you go on and say buying from a small business is expensive, think about it.

You spend hard-earned money on monopoly businesses that create clothes in sweatshops. You buy jewelry from African countries that enslave children to work in horrible conditions. You are supporting the sweatshops made by the descendants of your culture.

Buy an American-made product by an entrepreneur trying to achieve more than a 9-to-5 job. Buy from a company that has a story behind its products. Support it and just help it end overseas manufacturing.

It only takes a few clicks and one buy to help the movement.

4. Read a book by a black author.

This is what needs to be done if you want to feel more in touch with your roots and inner self. I urge black women to read a book by the great Maya Angelou. She discusses racial tension and embraces her sensuality in a variety of books.

It is important to not only be free in this world, but also to be free within yourself. Find a list of authors in your local book store and just indulge in their works. Indulge in educating yourself.

5. Register to vote.

Yes, black America, we need to do this. Voting is something that was a big civil rights issue in the '60s. Make sure this fight was not won in vain.

We have the power to choose who is leading us in the next four years. Sign up and take part in what is going on.

Find a candidate who supports your issues and what you stand for. Take initiative and help make this change in the country. Then, post that information on social media to spread the message.

Being black is amazing, and embracing it in everyday life is even more amazing. Take advantage this month to not only educate yourself more, but also to educate the people around you who want to know more.

Create a change, and be more conscious of your history in today’s society. Just remember this is your month to not apologize for your blackness, so be f*cking proud of it.