If You Know An Intimidating Woman, She's Probably A Capricorn

by Sarah

There's this woman you've always had a crush on, but she's so into her hobbies and her career that she's never really glanced your way.

You wonder how to get her attention, and more importantly, how you'd keep it once you did.

Or maybe she's your friend, and you've always envied her confidence and put-together appearance.

She seems to know exactly what she wants out of life and how to get it.

She sounds amazing, and she sounds like a Capricorn.

Women born between December 21 to January 19 seem a little stoic and aloof on the outside, but underneath, they are some of the most loving and amazing people around.

You just have to take the time to get to know them.

Here are four reasons why Capricorn women make the best partner:

In Life

There's a reason the mountain climbing goat is their symbol.

Capricorns want to climb as high in life as they can, and they always want to be the best at what they do.

Professionally and academically, a Capricorn isn't so good at balancing work and play.

She has a vision for her life, and she knows that only hard work and ambition will get her there.

After the office, when you and your co-workers are going out for drinks, she's staying late to perfect the PowerPoint for tomorrow's presentation.

In college, she was the group project leader editing all your work.

Bosses and teachers alike love her because respect for authority is innate within Capricorns.

She's also maddeningly responsible, which means she never bails on a shift or an assignment.

You may be annoyed by her work ethic, but you're grateful you can count on her and for all those As she helped you get in school.

In Friendships

The Capricorn in your circle of friends is the shoulder to cry on.

Capricorns are known for their patience, and they will listen for hours to all your problems.

However, she's also going to be the one who eventually tells you to pull yourself together, and she'll help you come up with a detailed strategy for recovery.

People need a Capricorn in their friend groups because she's the responsible and organized one.

She makes the plans, gets everyone in one spot and then texts them all afterwards to make sure they got home safe.

Consider the Capricorn the mother duck of your friends.

Your Capricorn girlfriend isn't going to have an insane amount of friends, either.

She doesn't have time for everyone, and believes in quality over quantity.

She may not be the life of the party in her social setting, but that's probably because she was too busy planning the party in the first place.

In Love

Capricorn women are fiercely independent and maybe even a little cocky.

She is definitely going to need some pursuing, which is perfect for guys who like a challenge.

Her boyfriend may not always be her top priority, but her drive and interests are exactly what make her so fascinating and sexy to him.

He wouldn't change her for the world.

Guys love her because she has no desire to merge herself with her partner.

She has her own life, and she's never clingy.

Capricorns are ideal girlfriends because of their loyalty.

They make loyalty sexy and effortless, and guys on the outside envy her devotion to her partner.

Status and image are important to her, and she loves projecting the "it couple" vibe and spoiling her guy with presents.

A Capricorn woman sets long-term goal for herself, so if she's interested in you, she's in it for the long haul.

Because of their loyalty and cautiousness, Capricorns aren't the types to mess around or cheat on their partners, either.

They take an incredible amount of time to trust people and let their guards down.

But once they finally do, they're in for life.

In Bed

There's this misconception that the career-minded Capricorn treats sex as business as usual.

This is not true.

Just like other areas of life, Capricorns are traditional and cautious until they feel safe, and the bedroom is no different.

Under her composed exterior, a Capricorn chica is ready to unleash, but only if she's committed to and respected by her partner.

A Capricorn woman is the epitome of the saying, "a lady on the street, but a freak in the sheets."

Once her guard is down, anything's fair game.

Because of her success and confidence — you guessed it — she likes to be dominant in bed.

This may come off as bossy, but she never minds communicating her needs.

The best part about being with a Capricorn is her commitment and desire to please her partner.

If she loves you, she'll want to continuously improve.

Just be careful, though.

When Capricorn women get a little crazy, they sometimes like to scratch and bite.

The Capricorn woman in your life brings a lot to the table, and she knows it.

She's going to demand the very best from you, whether your her friend, boss or boyfriend.

She's intimidating and inspiring.

You may have a tough time following her up life's mountains, but when you're with her at the top, you'll be so glad you did!