5 Reasons Sagittarians Are The Best To Bring Home For The Holidays

by Carmel Jones

Bringing a significant other home to meet your family for the holidays is undoubtedly a scary affair full of potential pitfalls, embarrassments and regret.

We've all seen it go down in the movies, and some of us have even lived through it ourselves and survived to tell the story.

With so many different parties involved (each with their own motives and dysfunctions), it can be tough to navigate these rough waters.

The truth is, you can't change your family.

But if you're fortunate enough to be dating a Sagittarian, you're in luck, as this sign tends to possess some distinct qualities that can make the holiday homecoming a delightful experience.

Here are five reasons why Sagittarians are the best people to bring home for the holidays:

1. They are truth tellers.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

You don't need someone else to point out to your father he has mashed potatoes all over his shirt at the dinner table, or that cousin Eddy's prized 1960s-era convertible is headed for the junk yard any day now.

In all seriousness, Sagittarians' frank and clear way of communicating makes getting to know them that much easier.

If your family knows and trusts them to be honest, you're off to a great start.

2. They are generous.

Sagittarians are known for being generous with their time and efforts.

You can trust Mom is going to get something better than a box of bad chocolates from the convenience store.

Their generosity usually includes an ability to show others attention in a thoughtful way.

Mom is going to love having your new partner ask questions and be genuinely interested, right?

3. They are independent.

There is nothing worse than bringing someone home and feeling like you have to be his or her babysitter.

You're likely going to have a lot of people you need to speak to and a bunch of things you'll need to help out with.

It's nice to have your guests be self-reliant.

The more they can create their own conversations, find their own ways to stay busy and even find ways to help out, the better.

There are few things more delightful than a newcomer who can come to a family gathering and start and carry his or her own conversations.

Of course, you don't want to ignore your guest, but you'll be relieved to feel you can drive down to the store for 15 minutes without worrying everyone will be uncomfortable or out of place.

4. They are unpredictable.

Okay, well maybe this isn't always the easiest personal quality to manage, but it sure makes for a more interesting person around the dinner table.

Sagittarians are frank, which means they shoot from the hip, and sometimes go a bit rogue in conversation.

Just relax and let them be part of the fun and entertainment.

It's better than having a wallflower sitting unnoticed at the edge of the table.

5. They have diverse interests.

Sagittarians have a reputation for being cultured and intellectual.

If your family enjoys films, books or other arts, your Sagittarian is going to an enthusiastic addition to the conversation.

While they can sometimes come off as pretentious, they are eager about their passions.

Give them time to prove it.

Their tendency to be travelers and explorers gives them intriguing stories.

Maybe your Sag will woo your little brother with tales of youthful adventures in Europe, or buddy up with your uncle about their mutual love of New York.

In any case, holidays tend to be stressful, and there might be moments of discomfort.

The best we can hope for is that the good outweighs the bad.

Give that Sagittarius in your life a chance this year to impress and intrigue your family.

You won't be disappointed.