How Moving To A Big City Has Helped Me To Let Go Of My Past

by Ariana Devané

According to one of my all time favorite songs by country superstar, Tim McGraw, “Chase your dreams, but always know the road that'll lead you home again.”

Growing up in a small town has shaped me into the woman I am now, and it will always be the place I call home. It also showed me that there is so much more in this world left to explore.

Growing up, I literally could not wait for the day I was able to venture out of my small town and experience the magic of living in a big city. Unlike many of my friends who decided to stay back home, I decided I needed change.

And change is what I got. I now live in a big city where no one knows me by my name, where people stay out of my business and where I am free to do as I please. If you're from a small town, I am sure you understand the amount of pointless drama that can reside in such a small place. Leaving my small town and venturing off into a big city was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

When moving away, there comes a large amount of letting go. You must let go of usual routines, being able to see your family whenever you please, friends you were used to seeing every day and old flings. Letting go of toxins you have kept, it is now time to start fresh.

When letting go of your past, you grow as an individual and begin to find yourself. In the midst of moving to a big city, I have come to find:

1. Independence

I rely on no one but myself. Everything that has affected me in my life, I have dealt with on my own. I am my own motivation.

I am becoming the best me I can be, for myself (and my parents, of course). I pick myself back up after every downfall. I wipe my own damn tears when times get rough.

I am a strong woman who can handle anything life throws her way. I find positivity in every situation, and you will always see a smile on my face, even on the hardest of days.

2. Self-Love

I have fallen in love with myself, flaws and all. Self-love is one of the greatest and most important things you will ever come to find.

Before I even dared letting anyone else into my life, I knew I had to build up an amazing relationship with myself first. Speaking from the independent woman within, I am all I've got.

3. No One Can Truly Bring You Down

Whoever is taking the time out of his or her day to bring you down is already below you. Don't you dare worry about what other people think or say about you. Instead, follow your dreams and show them everything you are capable of.

4. Living In The Moment Is Key

I do as I please, when I please and with whom I please. I have stopped planning out how things should happen, and I have begun living my life day by day.

For the record, this is one of the greatest things I have ever done. Having a set schedule as to when everything in your life should happen is basically setting yourself up for failure. Life is full of precious unplanned moments, so embrace every single one of them.

5. Being Your Own Critic Is Valuable

Even though this one may go hand in hand with not letting anyone bring you down, you should learn to be your own critic. Who cares what anyone thinks, so long as it brings you joy and happiness?

Be hard on yourself, only because you know the amount of amazing things you are capable of. Push yourself because you know you can do so much better.

Letting go doesn't necessarily have to be all about heartbreaks and tears, but rather new beginnings and amazing opportunities that await you. So, my advice to you is, never forget where you come from in the pursuit of fulfilling your dreams, but let go of your past, start life anew in a city where no one knows your name and watch your dreams unfold before you.