7 Ways To Tell If Your BFF Is A Legitimate 'Day One' Friend

In this day and age, we use big, abstract words like "love," "adore" and "swoon" to describe everything from a pair of shoes to a YouTube tutorial on how to make fried rice. Things grab our attention for 15 seconds, then we move on. It was love, except it was a really brief love that probably won't make a lasting impression at all.

Luckily, we've evolved from the days of the MySpace "top eight" friends list where we'd rank the people in our lives based on passing whims. We now show "love" to strangers on the Instagram and develop new types of friendships that may not even require you to even meet face-to-face, wear pants or partake in those humdrum moments of traditional friendships like helping people move or taking their cat to the vet. Win! Or is it?

Everyone needs someone in his or her corner. We all need a support system that we can call up for both the tedious tasks as well as exciting moments in our dramatic Millennial lives. Call your friend group what you want — tribe, community, squad or crew — but having a "day one" friend is essential.

This is the person who's been with you through it all, and just like that mole on your left shoulder blade (that you oh-so lovingly refer to as a beauty mark), he or she isn't going anywhere any time soon. Here are seven signs you have a "day one" friend on your team:

1. Your friend knows your legal name.

And your day one friend is not afraid to use it. He or she scoffs at the nicknames you used in college or those super long Facebook names from the early 200os (Princess Ashley XoXo Cupcake Smith). Your bestie knows what your mom and dad call you, middle name and all. 

2. Your friend calls your parents "Mom" and "Dad."

Speaking of your mom and dad, your friend dropped the Mr. and Mrs. act at least 15 years ago. There's no need for formalities. Your BFF was unofficially adopted into your family 18 years ago and has been barging in the front door and the rummaging through fridge ever since.

3. Your friend knows your house number by heart.

Remember obnoxious, big plastic things that were attached to a landline and only had one ringer (or four versions of the same one)? Before the days of cell phones and WhatsApp, we used landlines.

Ask your friend if he or she still remembers your number. If so, keep this friend and never let him or her go. For the Gen-Z readers, if your friend has your cell phone number memorized, that's basically the same thing. So, props to your friend.

4. Your friend can tell you when you have food in your teeth.

Your day one friend will tell you if you have something in your nose or if you have a wedgie. Basically, he or she is not going to have you out in these streets looking crazy. Niceties be damned; real friends only want the best for you.

5. Your friend is only one call away.

You'll call your day one friend at any time of day or night, and he or she will answer. You can call your friend at 3 am if it's an emergency. After a few expletives, your bestie will listen and comfort you. Then once you feel better, he or she will curse you and send you on your merry way.

Did you drunk dial your friend at 5:30 am? No problem. Your friend will make sure you're OK and then record the convo for later use (blackmail).

6. Your friend will tell you when you're funky.

Your friend will tell you when you're funky and when your attitude needs to be checked. Other people may let it slide, but not your day one friend. He or she has no problem calling you out on your BS or telling you when you're wrong. 

7. Your friend turns into Liam Neeson when introduced to your significant other.

Day one friends get really protective over you when you bring someone else around, especially a girlfriend or boyfriend. This isn't to say your friend isn't happy for you. Your friend only threatens your romantic prospect to establish the fact that if you get hurt, there will be very serious consequences. I'm talking "Dexter" levels of torture, not just unfollowing that person on Twitter.

While reading this list, if you thought of someone in  particular, congratulations. You have someone in your corner who loves you to the moon and back. You're real friends.

Now, go thank him or her for always being there. Your friend has put up with your eccentricities for years. You still ride with your day one friend, and your day one friend rides with you, too.