20 Best Things About Getting Together With Your College Squad In Your 20s

Your college squad takes on a new level when it comes to friendship.

Some of us are blessed to still consider our college homies our best friends, and an integral part of our lives. We made the same important decision of choosing to attend the college we did. That says a lot, right off the bat, about the bond we share.

We made irreplaceable memories throughout those four years, and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

Jovana Rikalo

We take pride in the questionable decision of ordering cheesy bread one too many times when we were drunk because YOLO.

When the time came to throw our graduation caps in the air and jump for joy, it was the beginning of a new, bittersweet chapter. It was time to bid farewell to our amazing college years and pave our way in the real world.

For those of us who don't live close enough to our main squad, getting together with them is all the more special when we do. Here are the 20 best things about getting together with your college crew in your 20s.

1. You always laugh about the first (ratchet) frat rager you went to freshman year.

2. You were on the same page since day one, and continue that vibe throughout your 20s.

3. The new inside jokes and memories you make together at this stage of life are just as funny as the ones you had in college.

4. Time spent with the mains ALWAYS makes for a fun getaway. It's what gets you through the week when you're having the work week from hell.

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5. You have multiple homes away from home, which comes in handy if you travel a lot for work.

6. Planning each other's bachelorette parties… need I say more?

7. Being in all your squad members' weddings will be so exciting, and you'll (naturally) bawl.

8. You had the absolute time of your lives studying abroad together, and have a reunion trip in the works.

9. Whenever you see one another, it's as if no time has passed. You never take the time you have together for granted.

Jovana Rikalo

10. Your college squad reminds you of one of the best chapters of your entire life.

11. It's still never less of a party when they're around.

12. It makes you so proud to see them grow in this next stage of life. You're their number one cheerleader, and they're yours.

13. They know the perfect cure when you're in desperate need of a break from life. It worked like a charm in college, and it still does now.

14. Cue the vodka cranberries all damn weekend long.

15. You go HAM and plan out your entire time together, in order to hit up the trendiest spots in town.

16. You know in your heart this friendship is the real deal, or else you wouldn't be holding onto it.


17. Reminiscing about guys you dated in college never gets old.

18. You can still gossip about the people who went to college with you, and what they're up to now.

19. The majority of your plans revolve around boozy brunch.

20. You involve them in your new life. You include them with the friends you've made, and they do the same.

College was a wild ride, and a beautiful piece of it lives on when we're with our college friends.