20 Of The Most Groundbreaking Ideas People Have Had While High

by Julian Sonny

The sh*t I think of when I'm high ranges from revolutionary to completely useless, with absolutely no in between.

Apparently I ain't the only one and there's actually a site that ranks, shares and spreads these "highdeas." It's deadass called Highdeas.

Now, before you read the carefully-curated list of them below, do it with an open mind. Also, prepare to have your mind blown.

Of course, smoking a lil something before it will help you fully appreciate it, but that sh*t will also just help your life in general. Or, completely hurt it. That's on you.

Are you really sure you're ready for this sh*t?

Cuz you really ain't, fam.

Leave now if you can't handle this


I got an iPhone, though.


If not that, this.

F*ck that, bro. Safety first.

You sure it's the wave?

If this wasn't on "Shark Tank" yet, we out!

You right.


You mean life?

We've had a little homie all our lives and didn't realize.

I can't take this sh*t no more, fam.

Those ain't Pop Rocks, bruh.

Freaking out.

But is this really ethical?

Stoners, you the real MVP.