Bedroom Ohm: 6 Ways Yoga Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

By Stephanie Mathena

Yoga is about connecting.

Without all the fluff, yoga simply means "union." It focuses on taking your body and connecting it with your mind.

Sex is also about union; it's about connecting your mind and body with someone else's.

So, in turn, yoga is synonymous with sexuality. With an open mind and a curious attitude, you will see a likeness between the two.

Yoga and sex can both relate to the "practice makes perfect" mentality.

They both make us feel good about ourselves; they're both ever-changing and, most importantly, there are no real winners in either. You don't have to be the best; you just have to be there and be in the game.

Since beginning my practice, I have noticed a change in myself, a change that has carried over into my sex life.

With that said, here's a short and sweet run through of what you have waiting for you if you decide to hit the mat before you hit the sack.


Yoga helps us find the balance and beauty in working with what we have. It teaches us to take our time, listen to our bodies and recognize a pace that makes sense.

When we apply that same idea off the mat, we find we can replace that quickie with round two, three or four. Being physically fit grants you the ability to push through when your body says it needs a break.

Endurance helps you push that thought aside by combining physical and mental strength in order to cross the finish line.

In this case, it's the finish line everybody loves crossing. (Can I get an amen?)


Flexibility: the most obvious (and sought-after) benefit of yoga.

Considering flexibility is generally the ticket to great practice in both yoga and sex, it's no surprise this makes the list.

The age-old fascination with flexibility in the bedroom does not go without good reason. Being limber creates space in your body to contort, twist, turn and reshape.

By doing this, we make room for deeper penetration and open gateways to different zones. Bonus: Mixing things up is good old-fashioned fun.


This is my personal favorite. Whether you can get your leg behind your head or struggle to touch your toes; whether you're a size four or a size 14, confidence is everything.

It is the key that unlocks any door you want to open, especially the bedroom door.

Yoga helps you to appreciate your body, to recognize it and to love it for what it is and what it can do.

Whether male or female, confidence ups our appeal factor tremendously. And, when we feel sure about ourselves and our capabilities, our choice of partner is bound to believe in us, too.

In short, confidence tells the world that not only can you do the damn thang, you also own the damn thang.


Through yoga practice, you're taught how to be present. You grow to be more aware of your body and your thoughts.

Through focusing on the moment by meditating, your ability to tap into desires comes easily.

This does not have to be the meditation where you sit silently for hours with shut eyes, not speaking a word. Just as in everything else, meditation means something different for everyone.

Taking a few moments a day to recognize how you're feeling, and how your body responds to that, can reflect on your sexual side.

Think of it as a mirror to foreplay: With foreplay, you build things up, hold on to feelings, explore and see where it takes you. In the same way, meditation is an opening sequence to a yoga practice.

Being as mentally involved in sex as you are physically will take it from being an act to an experience.


Yoga equals relaxation; relaxation equals great sex. Being relaxed is all about blood flow. Yoga helps us sync our heart rates with our bodies, keeping everything cool, calm and collected.

If you go into sex feeling relaxed, blood can flow to your arousal areas faster, which gets the ball rolling for great sex.

Extra blood flow creates better lubrication, and even sensitivity. Releasing tension can make way for an opportunity to get introduced to new erogenous zones.

Take that "ohm" and repeat after me, "OOOOhm."


Some say curiosity often leads to trouble, but I think it leads to fun.

We all know the saying: "You can't miss something you never had." Well, how about, "You can't enjoy something you don't know about?"

Yoga opens our minds to look past what we already know, to seek more and to experience more. It helps us stop fear in its tracks.

Most of our lives are burdened with fear; our sex lives are no different. They might be fears that we aren't good enough, or brave enough; we're too quiet, or too loud.

We're all different, and thus bring different worries to the table.

Yoga teaches us not only to jump past our own fears, but also to recognize that our partners have them as well. Being able to accept them and work past them together leads to crossing so many things off your boudoir checklist.

One word: horizontal. vertical. sideways. inverted.