16 Reasons Why Barre Is Perfect To Get You Out Of Your Work-Out Rut


So you're at an ideal weight and want to tone it up, but nothing you do is working.

Well, today is the day your life is going to change.

There is no such thing as a fitness cure-all, but barre classes may be the closest thing to one.

I took a free, open to the public FlyBarre class at the Flatiron location in NYC for the first time and let me tell you I can't wait to go back.

Some people are familiar with the concept of barre but are under the false impression you have to have some sort of dance background to do it.

Let me tell you -- this could not be further from the truth.

Yes barre does incorporate a ballet bar, but I am the least coordinated dancer out there, and I can't get enough of it.

Barre is the most efficient way to achieve that long, lean and sexy look we all know we strive for.

Elite Daily was fortunate enough to be able to chat with FlyBarre New York fitness instructor Chelsea Gentry Polanco to get her expertise surrounding this amazing workout.

As with anything this great, it's hard to believe it's real.

1. It works your core the entire time.

How many times has a fitness instructor told you to "engage your core" without actually teaching you how to do it?

On top of that, we end up forgetting after a few seconds, and as a result, we don't experience the full effect of the workout.

When it comes to barre, this is definitely not the case, as Gentry explains,


This mantra is repeated the entire class, making it impossible for you to ever forget.

2. You won't bulk up.

Many females have the misconception that lifting any type of weight will make you look like a bodybuilder (if only it were that easy).

When it comes to barre, the mentality of weights is entirely different. Gentry, a big advocate of women flaunting their muscles, told Elite Daily,

3. It's great for every fitness level.

It doesn't matter how tall or short you are, what you weigh or what you look like --

4. No, it's not just for "skinny" people.

Since barre is not an overaggressive, fast-paced class, many people don't think this a sustainable way to maintain or lose weight.

Gentry is more than familiar with this false mindset,

5. You'll learn to plank like a pro.

Planking is an amazing exercise that targets your entire body because you are contracting every muscle simultaneously.

The tricky thing is you have to make sure you're practicing in proper form, as that is most definitely the key.

6. You will get a total body workout every single time.

You know all of those hard-to-reach places you want to tone but don't know how? Barre solves that dilemma for you in an effective, fun and invigorating way.

So how exactly are you getting this fully balanced workout?

So those "love" handles we don't actually love? Barre works them out for you any and every time.

That sounds like a miracle in and of itself.

7. It's not as intimidating as it looks.

Many people are turned off by barre or are hesitant to give it a try because of some false picture they have in their heads.

Gentry is beyond familiar with this concept as she explained,

No one is one hundred percent confident when walking into an exercise class.

I mean, we are all there to boost our self confidence, so it would only make sense that many people are intimidated.

But once you realize you're all there for generally the same reason it helps to ease those anxieties.

8. You will start to see results in as little as two weeks.

If you are already living a healthy lifestyle, i.e. eating right, and are consistent with your workouts, you can expect to see results in as little as two weeks.

9. It embodies a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Social media sites have really amplified fitness awareness, and barre is at the forefront.

Gentry is definitely in agreement:

10. You don't have to kill yourself with cardio.

Who else hates running? Because I f*cking hate it more than anything, which is probably why I love barre.

While it's not necessary to add in additional cardio to your workout regimen, it can be a "fantastic complement."

11. It doesn't matter if you're already in great shape; it'll push you past that.

Barre targets muscles you aren't accustomed to frequently working, which makes this an amazing type of class for any fitness level.

12. Each class is tailored around music.

When we asked Chelsea what makes barre stand out against every other type of workout, her answer actually took us by surprise:

13. You can do it while you're pregnant.

Barre is specifically tailored for you and what's "within the scope of what's healthy for your body" -- and for those expectant mothers, this definitely falls into that scope.

14. It's the perfect workout to start your day.

Getting up to run or do any other aggressive type of workout is sufficient enough reason to want to hit the snooze button.

But when it comes to barre, it's a great way to wake up and ignite all of your muscles.

15. The teacher doesn't just tell you what to do, she actually adjusts your body for you.

Regardless of the fact that it's a full class, you will always get the teacher's specialized attention if you are doing something incorrectly.

She will even go as far as to physically adjust your stance and posture for you.

16. You have complete access to a mirror the entire time.

Being able to watch yourself workout is extremely motivating.

Besides that fact, a mirror is essential in barre because you need to constantly watch and monitor your form.

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