Your August Horoscope Is Here, Check Out What's In Store For The End Of Summer

by Rosey Baker

The Sun is now in Leo, which means that after an emotional month with the Sun in Cancer (the sign of the crab), we can all come out of our collective shell. This month promises much if we are willing to take heart in our own ability and capacity to shine in the spotlight. There are also two eclipses coming up, as well as Mercury in retrograde, which will shake things up just enough to keep it interesting. With all that being said, you can expect nothing less than an extroverted close to summer, as your August horoscope is full of Leo traits.

Aries & Aries Rising

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For the early part of the month, your Sun is conjunct Mars, making this a productive period of time when your efforts to express yourself and progress forward will be met with ease. You have a natural charisma that people will be drawn to, and after a somewhat introverted month of July, you'll be happy to find your outgoing extroverted side is back.

You have Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Mars in perfect harmony all month long transiting your fifth house of children, romance, and creative projects, so you can expect to see a lot of good things happening in that area of your life.

The week of Aug. 14 could be a bit of a strenuous time with Mercury heading into retrograde on the Aug. 12. You may find that a check takes too long to clear, or you were counting on a payment that is delayed in coming through, but the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 will bring to light the realization of some long-awaited ambition of yours, so sit tight and be patient.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

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Your sign ruler, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money will move into the sign of Cancer this month, shifting your focus to your home life and creating harmony with those who are closest to you. Your inner circle, so to speak, will be evoking feelings of compassion, protection, and care within you, and you'll find your focus is on these relationships throughout the month.

That said, when Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, some deeply held beliefs of yours regarding your circle of friends and family will be challenged through some misunderstandings and miscommunications around that time. You may find that people are trying to control your actions to such an extent that you have to abandon your connection to them. Be prepared to let go of the things in your life that no longer serve you this month, in order to facilitate your personal growth.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

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Mars entered Leo on July 20, in your third house of communication, and will stay there until September. This is a month where any efforts you make in writing, editing, or communication will put you in the spotlight. You are by nature, a communicative sign, and your lively conversation abilities will pay off the more you put them to use this month.

That said, Mercury shuts down when it goes into retrograde on Aug. 12, so be sure that you choose your words slowly and carefully after that point, because misunderstandings are likely to occur if you don't.

The eclipses this month on Aug. 7 and again on Aug. 21 suggest that you may be doing some local traveling, short distances, possibly with siblings. Be aware, especially around the Aug. 7 full moon lunar eclipse, that conflicts with your family are likely. You may find that you are done engaging in certain family dynamics you want to let go of, and if you are, there is no need to necessarily do anything. Just let go.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

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Mars moved into Leo, in your second house of earned income during July, and will stay there through September. This influence is underscored by the eclipse cycle moving into Leo this month, with a new moon and solar eclipse in Leo on Aug. 21. This eclipse, in particular, is in aspect to Uranus, which indicates some possible sudden expansion in your career.

The planets are giving you a chance now to set your sights extra high and to really go for your ambitions without doubting your abilities. While this month is an expansive one professionally, you might also dazzle yourself just by seeing how assertive you can be about who you are and what you're worth as you watch the financial benefits roll in.

Leo & Leo Rising

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Happy Birthday, Leo! This month is going to bring about a lot of new developments, and you're probably feeling the winds of change blowing already. The Sun is in your sign, making you the planetary celebrity, full of charisma and charm. All eyes are on you, and you have every reason to get out there and mingle.

The solar eclipse this month on Aug. 21 is in your first house of self-expression, meaning some much needed and welcome changes will be coming to you. Having Mars, the planet of action and energy, also in your sign suggests that you will have a great deal of control over how these changes play out.

This is a star-studded month for you, so be sure to enjoy it! You have the world in the palm of your hand.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

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Mercury, your signs ruler, going retrograde can be a pain in the ass for people of all signs, but this month, in particular, it seems to suit you well, because it's in your sign. This means that you will be able to revisit and rework a project that was close to your heart, as the retrograde will give you the clarity you needed before but unfortunately lacked in order to follow through.

Mars, as well as the two new moons happening in your 12th house, will be bringing home the message that your health will need some attention, but since Mars is here as well, it seems the message will be on your mental/physical health, as Mars is the planet of energy and action. You may need to be careful not to overextend yourself and to take extra time to connect to your spirit.

Libra & Libra Rising

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Libra, this month your focus will be on any groups or organizations of which you're a vital part. You will gain energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration from being a part of a collective, with two new moons and Mars occupying your 11th house, you'll find that a significant number of opportunities arise from your friends and colleagues.

With Mercury retrograding in your 12th house of hospitals, health, and spirit, you may have some confusion around these areas of your life. Perhaps you get an offer for a new job that you feel is better for you mentally and spiritually, but you feel confused about taking it because something within you is preventing you from it.

It's always difficult to interpret what happens in the 12th house because it is "hidden," meaning it's happening within you, but be sure to pay attention when it comes to signing paperwork this month in the areas I mentioned above. You'll gain more clarity around the solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

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With Mars now in Leo in your 10th house of fame and honors, you have a chance this month to make some serious professional progress, the likes of which you haven't seen in quite some time. Not only will the efforts you make in your career easily move things along for you, but the new moon/solar eclipse in this same house will allow you to take things up a notch further.

Set your sights as high as they will go, because on Aug. 21, you'll have an even greater shot at getting what you want professionally, with the new moon and a solar eclipse in your 10th house as well. This is your month to really level up, just be sure you don't get so cocky that you ignore friends that have supported you along the way. Mercury retrograding in your 11th house of friends suggests misunderstandings and conflicts are a strong possibility.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

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Mercury retrogrades in your 10th house of career, fame, and honors this month, meaning that in your professional life, things may be moving somewhat slowly, but that won't matter to you at all when you hear the next bit of news I have for you.

On July 20, Mars moved into your ninth house, the house associated with philosophical expansion and foreign travel. You also got a lovely new moon in this house on July 23, creating all kinds of opportunities having to do with traveling overseas, and those are far from over. There will be a solar eclipse in your ninth house on Aug. 21, along with another new moon, making your house of foreign travel light up like a birthday cake.

With your Sun conjunct Mars in this sector of your chart, any projects you begin overseas are bound to go incredibly well. Solar eclipses bring changes we have been longing for quite awhile, so be prepared to celebrate!

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

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Mars entered your eighth house of other people's money, meaning much of your attention throughout August and into early September will be focused on finances. This is not fun, and it may be that you're trying to work out the terms of payments either owed to someone else or that are owed to you, either by a business partner or romantic relationship. The eighth house also rules joint finances, so if you're navigating the terms of a divorce, this month you'll be spending a lot of time on that.

You also have Mercury retrograding your seventh house of partnership, justice, and law, meaning there could be some conflicts that you are dealing with on a personal level or with a lawyer who is representing you. The solar eclipse on Aug. 21 will bring some relief and a good deal of clarity as you come to a conclusion on these matters, and are either paid what you are owed or finally find the willingness to let go of your resentments.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

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With Mars in your seventh house throughout August, you'll discover many opportunities arising through partnerships either at home or in your career. Much of July was spent absorbed and isolated in your day-to-day work with Mars in your sixth house, but you now have the opportunity to shift your focus to more creative pursuits that require collaboration and participation with others. Aug. 21 will bring a new moon and a solar eclipse (which is like three new moons wrapped in one) in this house of partnerships, and you'll find doors previously shut to you swing wide open with brand new possibilities.

One thing to look out for is that Mercury will be retrograding in your eighth house of other people's money and of debts, so you may find that the week of Aug. 12 could bring some frustrations surrounding your finances. Keep your focus on the people and partnerships that are most promising to you, and your month will go more smoothly.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Elite Daily

Lucky you, Pisces! On July 20, Mars moved into your sixth house of workday projects, meaning your daily responsibilities and work opportunities, as well as your health and fitness routines. If you've been putting off getting ahead in your work, or you have been slacking off on your fitness routine, you may have already recommitted to those by now. If not, another opportunity to do so will come after the second new moon on Aug. 21.

Most exciting for you this month is that since these new moons are in Leo, many of the projects coming your way will be creative ones that allow you to step into the spotlight and really make a strong impression. The people who saw your work at the end of July and who will see it at the end of August will be ready to offer you more come December and January 2018.