What Sign Is Donald Trump? Here's Why He Can't Stop Talking

by Rosey Baker
Alex Wong / Getty Images

If you're not familiar already, President Donald Trump verbally lashed out at North Korea in the middle of a press briefing yesterday, claiming if North Korea didn't tone down its threats, it would be met with "fire and fury ... like the world has never seen."

Then, in the same press briefing, he used the phrase, "the likes of which we have not seen," to describe the opioid crisis in America right now. He doesn't seem to consider the consequences of his words or actions, and as an astrologer, I can't help but look for the astrological indicators of why Trump can't seem to control himself, according to his chart.

Whether or not his threat against North Korea was just inflammatory rhetoric or a simple lack of descriptors available in his memory bank at the time, the point is, Trump doesn't seem to have much restraint of pen or tongue. And, whatever way you slice it, there's less of a chance of nuclear war when the president isn't making threats -- either direct or veiled -- of nuclear war. Here is a look at why Trump may have such a huge struggle keeping his mouth shut in sensitive situations, as told by his astrological chart. Even the president isn't free of the control the planets have over your life and your destiny.

Saturn In The Eleventh House: Social Challenges

Having Saturn, the planet of challenges, discipline, and restriction, in the eleventh house of friends, groups, associates, and group organizations is a difficult placement when it comes to working with others. It suggests an intolerant view of the opinions of others, and difficulty accepting the expertise of established and traditional wisdom. At the same time, hypersensitivity regarding what others think must be overcome in order to gain a sense of self-worth that comes from within oneself.

Mars In Leo In The Twelfth House: Dramatic Self-Deception

Having Mars (the warrior planet) in the sign of Leo (the courageous lion) in the twelfth house of secrets, lies (the ones we tell ourselves), and the subconscious, makes for a person who is truly at the mercy of their own emotional state on a day-to-day basis.

When you look at a horoscope, Mars indicates where a persons focus lies on a daily basis. With Mars in the twelfth house, there is a real desire to be of help to other people, to be charitable and to work for the good of others, and the influence of Leo makes you outspoken, with a flair for the dramatic. The problem with this is, those efforts to work for the good of others can be clouded by the persons changeable emotional state.

Having Mars in the twelfth makes periods of solitude a necessity for emotional stability. Otherwise, a tendency toward escapism, deviousness, and self-deception arises. Not to mention, having outspoken Leo's influence here puts all these tendencies on public display.

Mercury Square Neptune: False Reality

When you look at a person's birth chart in astrology, the aspects show you what parts of their personality conflict with one another and lend insight about the ways that individual might get in their own way. You can also see the parts of their chart or personality that work together to benefit the individual.

A "square" is a deeply challenging aspect, and having one between the planet Mercury (the communicator planet) and Neptune (the planet of lies and self deception) means that the person can have trouble defining the line between an overactive imagination and objective truth, resulting in the construction of their own private version of reality.

Hopefully this answers some of the questions lingering out there about whether or not Trump is outright lying, or if he believes his own lies, but we see evidence of this tendency every day. At least we have some answers from an astrological perspective to give us some insight and truth, even if we can't seem to get that from Donald Trump.