Are You Doing Enough To Succeed?

by Anonymous

Most likely the answer to this question is a resounding no. The ways in which you manage and spend your free time correspond to the outcome of your personal success. Time is a precious currency that nearly everyone takes for granted and, in most cases, regrets wasting later in life.

Regretting the time you've spent will only put a damper on your vision for the future, but doing nothing about it is a plague unto itself. Stop reflecting and start responding because Father Time is definitely not on your side.

Generation-Y has been striving to reach all chasms of financial heights, in which we tend to pat ourselves on the back for every compliment and achievement we get. Where rewarding yourself for your efforts nourishes the entrepreneurial-fire, indulging in your satisfaction will only blanket your eagerness for more. Enough is not enough to maintain the competitive speed of life.

Especially in the most important age of our lives: our mid-twenties. Competition is an important oppositional force to maintaining progress. Life is a rat-race and don't let anyone tell you differently. With that being said, getting caught up in its affairs will give you a venerable dose of stress and urgency. This type of urgency is the urgency that you need to get your ass on track and to push for more.

Imagine life as a jungle, the creeping feeling that someone and everyone is around the corner waiting for their moment to strike, to swoop into your position after your lack of effort. Sound too harsh? Tough sh*t.

It's hunt or be hunted, kill or be killed. There are no assured answers to life just as there are many ways to complete a puzzle. Expecting things to fall into place without any aim is not only downright stupid, it only furthers the stereotype that we're the laziest, complacent, yet smartest generation of recent years.


We're always being mentioned as having the greatest potential because of our access to information and our connective networking, but what's a crown to an undeserving king? We've been spoiled to this technological boom of leisure, luxury and longevity because being spoon-fed sounds a lot better than going out to hunt for our success.

Actions speak louder than words, but what we do in our free time alone builds character. Individuals are defined by their titular occupation and the impact they leave on the world once they're six feet under.

Good work ethic translates well in the real world, but knowing what skills you should be focusing on will be the first step in guiding yourself toward the spiritual, moral and job-related goals you set for yourself. Many people find comfort in belittling and patronizing the efforts of someone visibly giving their all for the life goals, rather than recognizing the grind of hard work as an admirable trait. This may be as a way to pull a few cheap jokes around friends or as a method to cover their own lack of conviction, but these people are the ones who end up wasting and regretting their time.

Don’t become a foil to your own success. If you know and feel your passion is taking you in the right direction, then there should be no opposition known to man capable of stopping you from getting what you want. But laziness and inaction frustrate me to no end, as it should for you too.

We have the capabilities for greatness, and it’s about time our generation breaks the mold and ventures out into action. Understand that managing and using your time wisely will put you in a position of great success. Should you really be playing that video game? Maybe that new TV show isn't the best choice for your next pickup-hobby.

Is your resume filled to a point of impressing potential interviewers, internships and job-offers? Either way, I don't care what you do and how you decide to spend your time, but know this: there is always someone hungrier and more eager to compete for his or her dreams. Dreams only become reality once you wake up and act. I’m awake and I’m hungry: you should be too.

Andre Simpson | Elite.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr