8 Reasons Having An Aquarius Sister Enhances Your Life

by Bianca Palumbo

Having a sister is one of the best things in the world. I was thrilled the day she was born, and am still thankful today.

It seems, however, I got extra lucky because this beautiful girl is an Aquarius. Sisters are here to support, comfort and criticize you. They are always willing to hear you out.

I have found that having an Aquarius sister adds a little excitement to my life. Was your sis born between January 20 and February 18? Then you may notice her unique qualities.

If you are a Gemini or a Libra, you'll likely get along very well as the signs are compatible with one another.

Here are eight reasons having an Aquarius sister rules:

1. She is full of energy.

The Aquarius sister is likely to drive you crazy at times with her bouncing energy. She may even try to get you as amped up as she is.

But this could also be a great mood booster for you. Her energy fills the room around her and excites everyone.

2. She cares for others.

Aquarius has a passion for helping others as much they can. They always lend a hand in school, at home or in the workplace. She is always offering help you with errands and come along for the ride.

3. She is fierce.

She has a confidence about her that radiates -- everyone is drawn to her, but no one knows why. Her fierce self is willing to stick to her guns and be by your side in the case of a problem.

Your bae might be a little hesitant about what he says around this spitfire.

4. She is intelligent.

She likes to solve problems, think on her toes and enjoys reading whatever she can get her hands on. She speaks eloquently and is appreciative of the world around her.

You often go to her for advice when in a sticky situation.

5. She is "Miss Independent."

The young Aquarius woman is likely to grow up quickly, always believing she was years older than she was.

Her maturity has always been impressive, but you admire it. She doesn't need others, but still enjoys good company.

6. She likes her space.

With love comes a need for space. This gal often needs a moment of peace and quiet. She takes time to relax on her own, but always comes back to her cheerful self.

7. She is imaginative.

She wants to creatively solve problems, go on adventures and meet new people. She is optimistic and encourages you to embark on her missions with her.

Her passion brings excitement to her family.

8. She wants to save the world.

The Aquarius grew up believing she could save the world, and spends much of her life finding ways to make the world better. She knows there is much to be done and likes to volunteer.

Her enlightening perspectives tend to sway your opinion on certain topics and you may find yourself saving the world with her at times.

The Aquarius sister adores you and respects your space. She wants to help, but also needs time to herself. She is confident with a passion to help save the world.

Her personal traits are unique and impressive to everyone who crosses her path.

We love our Aquarius sisters.