12 Struggles Anyone Who Came From An All-Girls School Knows To Be True

by UnzippedTV

There's something about girls from all-girls schools; you can tell one when you see one.

Even if we're from different schools, the things we used to do were all somewhat the same.

Did you grow up in an all-girls school?

If you did, here are 12 things that might be more than familiar to you:

1. You wore shorts underneath your skirt.

Screw sitting like a lady. We did not choose the skirt life, the skirt life chose us.

These shorts let us cross our legs, put our feet up on the table and sit with our knees pulled up to our chest.

These shorts let us be ourselves in our full, unlady-like glory.

2. You hugged everyone you knew, every time you met.

If I were to receive a dollar for every hug I gave back in school, I probably would have my retirement settled right now.

3. Wrote, folded and received a ton of letters.

We were expert letter folders.

We would send them on their way through The Mutual Friend Express, or drop them off on our friends' tables during recess.

Chances are, you still have these letters collecting dust somewhere, and you just can't bear to throw them away.

4. Showered your friends with gifts on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was a big deal in an all-girls school.

Aside from the exceptional girl who actually had a boyfriend to celebrate V-day with, the rest of us were happy to shower our friends with flowers, balloons, chocolates, homemade cookies and what not.

It was equivalent to Christmas.

5. Mastered changing into our PE attire over/under our uniforms

No matter what uniform we had, we found a way to not so much change out of our uniforms into our PE clothes, as transition from the first to the second.

It's a skill I'm proud of to this day, mind you.

6. To hell with real bras – Sport bras FTW!

7. Asked openly if anyone had a pad in class.

Some desperate souls would shout out, "DOES ANYONE HAVE A PAD?!"

But it was OK because we all knew we'd end up doing that some day.

Life was easier when we didn't have to practice any kind of discretion about having our periods.

8. Stole tissue paper from the boy's/teacher's toilet.

When there was no more tissue paper in the girl's toilet, that is. (Why do we even need so many boy's toilets in a girl's school, anyway?)

9. Created your own family tree.

We took “friends are the family you choose” quite literally; cliques became families.

There were the mummies and the daddies (mostly, the tom boys), and everybody else would be the kids. Sometimes, there were grandmas, grandpas and even extra-marital lovers.

10. Had the same handwriting as everyone else.

I'm not sure why, but it seemed like the majority of our school -- myself included -- had the same handwriting.

Yes, there was actually a school-wide handwriting trend. Girls, you know what I mean.

11. Crushed on a girl at least once.


You all just spent so much time together!

12. Fell in love with a boy from an all-boys school nearby.

Somehow, there's this strong attraction between girls and guys from all-girls and all-boys schools.

There would be stories of how couples met at a nearby McDonald's or at church. Basically, both sides would hang out at a common place and pretend to "pass by" each other.

Thinking about it really makes me laugh.

If you were from an all-girls school, you know that you'll always be one at heart.

Certain things were ingrained in us from our school days and have become a huge part of who we are today.

Do you agree? Share this with those friends you shared these experiences with.

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