6 Adorable Qualities You'll Only Notice About Your SO When You're Married

Carly Rae Hobbins/ Unsplash

Getting married to the person you love does something a little magical to you. Now, I don't believe that whole princess transformation they feed to us in the movies, but there's definitely a spark of change. It's almost like you were waiting for this person to unlock this renewed version of yourself. This isn't in a bad way, though; you're just growing and changing because of the presence of an absolutely amazing person. And since marriage is all about teamwork, you'll notice that your SO hasn't quite remained the same, either. In fact, there are specific things you notice when you're married that are so darn adorable.

Of course, people are also tremendously happy without getting married. I'm not trying to stand on a soapbox and depict marriage as the only avenue to happiness. That's completely inaccurate. As a married woman, though, I can attest to the swoon-worthy things my husband does that I didn't quite notice before, because the qualities generate from our relationship as a married couple now. Every marriage has its own derivatives and no two are exactly alike. The beauty in this is that we cherish an endless list of cute qualities, all ignited by the same two words: "I do."

1. The Way They Introduce You As "Wife"

No matter who you are getting introduced to, it will be the cutest thing each time he says you are his wife. It's a new title you take on, and it'll be one of the greatest things you hear leave his mouth. Seriously, it's like you're hearing it for the first time, every single time.

2. The Urgency In Finding A Misplaced Ring

OK, maybe this is the jerk in me, but I love the sense of urgency my husband has when or if either of us thinks we misplaced our rings. It's the mixture of worry and urgency that he wears on his face. And for those few moments, finding the ring is the most important thing in the world.

3. Inside Jokes You've Made About Nonsense

I seriously didn't notice how many random, unethical inside jokes my husband and I had until we got married. Heaps and heaps of insane laughter are literally ignited by one word or action from inside our little marital bubble. Our laughter vibe literally just intensified after marriage.

4. How They Interact With Their In-Laws

I've always loved the way people make each other family, even if they aren't bound by blood. Watching the way my husband talks and interacts with my parents like he was always a part of the family is a relieving and sweet thing to see. I mean, I would have still married him if they didn't like him, so there's that.

5. How They Explain The Day You Got Married

The bride and the groom's perspective on the wedding day is incredibly different. I fall in love each time when my husband outlines what he was thinking. It's always sweet to compare our differing perspectives regarding the same moments.

6. The Way They Say "I Love You"

Of all the little qualities I noticed about my husband, the way he says "I love you" is what I immediately noticed first. It's not that he didn't mean it before, it just has a different flare to it. Since he has never had a wife before, I catch onto the newbie and genuine quality it carries. I look forward to falling in love with more qualities my husband decides to reveal. Marriage, again, is different for everyone, and you're changing along with the major turning point in your life.