8 Uncomplicated Ways You Can Change Someone's Life For The Better

by Kylie Kennedy

Giving is hands-down the most impeccable feeling in the world; it's a feeling that soothes others, as well as ourselves.

It has the power to change lives; there is no measure to how much can be given. It's possible to give everything. Love can be a present. A smile can be a present. It’s important to appreciate the little things in life. We tend to get so hung up on the material things, we lose sight of our purpose.

If money isn’t a worry in your life and you can afford most things, share the love. If you can barely afford to feed yourself, still, share the love.

No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

Think about the hardships Anne Frank experienced; her statement clearly exemplifies what a great value she places on giving.

My point here is we all possess the power to give, regardless of our financial circumstances.

Life can get tough and throw random curve balls we don’t expect, but all we need to remember is we’re alive today. We’re intricate human beings who need to appreciate the world we have.

Giving is rather simple. There’s beauty in simplicity, especially when it involves the simple, little things you can do to make someone smile.

Aren’t we all fans of joy and laughter? Giving will help the heart prosper.

Smile at someone — anyone.

I make a point to do this every single day. I do it because it’s so liberating to know a smile has the power to turn someone’s day into a miracle. I have done this countless times in my life and the expression that rushes across a person’s face is priceless.

Specifically, I tend to do this wherever I’m considered a customer or consumer. Whether I’m at a restaurant, a doctor’s office, a grocery store or even in a different country, I smile at whomever gives me his or her service.

Make the person's day a little brighter. Let him or her know that he or she is appreciated.

Who doesn’t love to be appreciated?

So many people make the mistake of complaining because of poor service, but we need to realize maybe, that person was just having a horrible day. Do good and provide the strength to make someone's day better by exchanging a simple smile.

Buy a stranger’s meal or coffee — pay it forward.

I do this every once in a while when I feel the urge. I specifically remember a time when I did this at the Starbucks drive-thru.

Literally, a week later, I was in line, with my backpack, at a bakery ordering some lunch. The cashier asked me if I wanted a drink. I simply asked how much, just in case I thought a soda might be worth it that day. I try not to drink Diet Coke, even though I’m obsessed with it.

I ended up sticking with water.

I sat down and began to eat my food. Randomly, a lady standing behind me in line walked up to the table I was sitting at and said, “Hey, I remember what it was like to be a broke college student,” and then, she handed me a cup.

I couldn’t believe she knew exactly what was going through my mind, let alone the fact that she bought me a drink.

I realized that day, karma does exist. What goes around comes around.

Give when it hasn’t been asked for; there’s a reason we have two hands.

People tend to notice your true intentions the most when you offer a helping hand without ever having to say a word. Think to yourself, how can I help right now? Is there anything I could do to make someone's life a tad bit easier in the moment?

There is always plenty to be offered. If you’re invited to a party, always ask if there’s anything you can bring; I can offer one of my better tips from experience. People will be astounded you’re willing to contribute. It’s very rare these days.

Maybe you drank all the booze last weekend. Now, it’s your turn to provide the turn-up juice.

Believe in the ability to make a difference. We are all walking on the same planet, after all.

In a sense, we are all the same. Yes, we’re all extremely different, according to genetics and the way we’re born, but realistically, we are capable of anything. Remember, anything is possible.

Have faith and believe in someone’s dreams.

I can’t stress this one enough. Give faith. Let people know they ARE worth it, no matter what they’ve been through. Let them know they can achieve their wildest dreams. Show them what has worked for you.

Today, people are often clouded by the fear of thinking they aren’t good enough. Why is that? What has influenced them to think this way?

If you have more faith than you’re ever expected to have, your faith will eventually rub off on people. It will shine like a star. They will begin to recognize they’re just as important as anybody else walking on the soil of this earth.

May your wildest dreams come true because people had faith in who you are and what you want.

Compliment from the heart and be real. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

If you’re going to give a compliment, make sure it’s real and coming from what you truly think. It doesn’t make any sense to give a compliment if you don’t mean it. You’re better off not even trying to give a compliment if it will come across as fake.

People love being complimented. It makes them feel noticed, and sometimes, it can even make someone feel like a million bucks. I know I live for compliments. It’s gratifying to know someone is thinking about how good you look or how cool you are.

Give compliments. Accept compliments. However, don’t let your ego explode.

Let go of grudges and forgive.

One of the most profound lessons I’ve ever learned had to do with forgiveness.

Set yourself free and give others the chance to set themselves free, too. Realize there are bigger issues floating around in the world, and it’s pointless to waste your time holding grudges.


Give your undivided attention to someone else. Listen to him or her and show you care. When a friend is sick, bring him or her a treat. Offer positive advice. Give others your honesty. Give them your trust.

Give others the pleasure of knowing how trustworthy you are and show that you will always remain true to yourself. If you treat this ability as a gift, other people will believe it is possible for them, as well.

Give chances and second chances. Even third chances, too, but keep in mind that if someone has already done something once, there’s a good chance it will happen again. In these instances, it’s probably time to realize it might be a good idea to remove this person from your everyday life.

The most important thing to remember in life is to give. When you give, do it from your heart. Don’t expect anything in return because you will more than likely be let down.