Your Head's Screwed On Straight: 8 Signs You Have Practical Wanderlust

We’re all told that when we’re young, we should do as much traveling as possible. Right now, we have the time and energy to go to different places, and we have the open minds to be able to soak everything in.

It’s the perfect time to make moves, at least that's what the masses agree on.

But there are some people who know that’s not always possible, and they're what I'll refer to as the "wanderlust practicals."

Wanderlust Practical: (noun) a person born with an adventurous heart, but a practical head; the people who know they would have to take time off work, clear their bank accounts and find people to travel with; the people who would love to be able to pack up and go, but know they aren’t realistically able to do that. (i.e. "The wanderlust practical stared longingly at the picture of Rio, and began to dream of the day he could finally go.")

Are you thinking this definition applies to you, but still need some convincing?

Well, at the risk of sounding like Jeff Foxworthy, you may be a wanderlust practical if:

You have an extensive Pinterest travel board.

You have pinned so many pictures of beautiful places, from the Alps to the Amazon Rainforerst. You have never been to Paris, but you already know what cafés you have to try.

You know what kind of pictures you would take at each location and what you want to buy in each country.

Of course, you know it will be a while until you actually get to said location, but you will get there. One day.

You have multiple trips planned in your mind.

A European adventure. A trip through the UK and Ireland. Australia. South Africa. South America. You have your options.

You’ve done your research. You know how you would get there, and where you would stay. You know what you would want on your itinerary. You have the details worked out in your mind.

All you need now is the time, the travel buddies... and the money.

You absolutely hate the phrase, “Forget the money and go.”

What do you mean forget the money? You can’t just forget the money! You need money to travel.

How else would you get travel tickets, pay for a decent hostel, buy tickets to all the must-see landmarks and, let’s not forget, you have to eat.

Not to mention, if you just go, you’ll be cleared out of money by the time you get back home.

No, you’d rather wait until you have a decent amount in your account before you become a jetsetter. It may take a million years to reach that point, but you know one day you will.

You’ve daydreamed about marrying a foreigner.

I mean, obviously, you would have to visit their home and their family. They could take you to all their favorite places. You could explore a city with a true local.

Sure, it wouldn’t be great to base a foundation on the fact your significant other can pay for you to travel, but love is in there somewhere, you’re sure.

You’ve wondered if it’s too late to change your major.

You’ve only just applied for graduation; there’s still time to take a few more classes.

You suddenly regret going into a major that would keep you domestic, as opposed to something like international business, which would allow you to get paid to travel the world.

Not that you have a mind for business or anything; you just want to go to a different country and call it work.

You’ve fantasized about having your own Travel Channel show.

Speaking of being paid to travel, you have the personality for a television show. You could easily jet off to some foreign location and explore some city.

I mean, all you really need to do is Google how to send a proposal to the Travel Channel. There’s not much more to it than that. You’d be all set and in Venice by morning.

You try to find good excuses to travel.

There’s always studying or interning abroad. It’s for your education; it’d be okay to go. Or, you could go do some good work somewhere and volunteer internationally.

Really, all you need to do is justify to yourself why you need to pack up and go. And, let’s be real: Doing good in the world and doing good for your future are justifications, right?

The word, “someday,” is a big part of your vocabulary.

You know it’s not possible to go today. You know you need the money, the time and the right travel partners. You have a lot you would need to get together.

Don’t worry; someday, you will go. That’s a promise.