6 Ways To Make The World A Better Place On Your Birthday

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Your birthday is the one day of the year when you have free reign to force your friends into doing anything.

And I mean, that's really the best gift of all -- because who doesn't love being in total control of everyone you love for a whole 24 hours?

Oh just me? Weird.

As you get older and become a real adult with her own job and money, the accumulation of "things" becomes less and less appealing.

Here are a few ways to make the world a better place on your birthday, and get your friends together to make some serious change in the social arenas you're passionate about.

1. Throw a fundraiser birthday party.

Throwing a fundraiser may seem like a huge task, but really, you only need about three people to come together and organize to truly make this happen.

One night when you're at your local bar, ask to talk to the owner or bar manager. Explain that you want to host a fundraiser in the space, and let them know how it will benefit them on their end: ie, how many people you can bring in (on a slow night, maybe!), and what organization you want to support.

Most places will be more than happy to help you raise funds for an important cause. If you're afraid of not being able to fill the bar, find a friend with a similar birthday and host a joint party.

Take donations at the door, and ask the bar if they'd be willing to cut you a bit of the proceeds for bringing in so many people.

2. Ask local businesses for donations.

Parties and events that have alcohol donations (Have your guests order a special drink at the bar where 100 percent of proceeds go to the fund!) definitely make more money.


Reach out to local breweries, restaurants, etc. and see who's willing to get involved for a very important cause.

3. Talk to the organization you're supporting and see how they can help.

When I threw a Planned Parenthood event, PP NYC was more than happy to provide party swag like pens, chapsticks, stickers, buttons and condoms. Talk to whichever organization you're supporting, and see if they can blast your event on their social channels and help get the word out.

Getting involved with the org you're supporting will only provide more motivation to make your birthday the best event ever.

4. Ask your friends and family to donate in lieu of birthday gifts.

Miley Cyrus is known for doing this during her birthday. In order to get fans involved in the special day, she tweets out a link where people can show their support by dropping a few bucks on a donation.

5. Get your friends together for a day of volunteering.

If a huge event is really your thing, ask your friends to spend the day with you volunteering. Get in contact with a local homeless shelter, school or women's shelter, and RSVP you and four friends for a weekend day of service.

Just think about all the times you've ever heard someone complain about having to go to a huge birthday dinner. Your friends will definitely welcome this alternative way to celebrate, and everyone feels good when they're giving back.

6. Throw a brunch + postcard writing party.

I had a party and a brunch the next day with my closest friends for my birthday, and I have to say, I enjoyed the brunch more. Maybe because I'm finally 26 and have had my fair share of parties, but I also think it was just so nice to enjoy my friends in the daylight and without blasting music present.

No matter what you choose to do on your special day, planning an event that helps you and your friends give back is easier than you think. Like anything, you just have to have the vision to make it become a reality.

Onward, girl bosses! Go make the world a better place, while still celebrating all the amazing aspects of who you are.

You got this.