50 Reasons This Generation Can't Get Its Sh*t Together And Actually Shouldn't

by Lauren Martin

What does it mean to be a generation that prefers experiences to paychecks? What about a generation of people who sleep on each other’s couches more than their own and who spend more time traveling than planning their trips?

What does it mean to be a generation that doesn't hold steady jobs and one that spends years jumping from apartment to apartment?

To our parents, and everyone else with an opinion and an assh*le, it means we’re scattered. It means too many of us came from divorced homes and entitled upbringings and now we just don’t have our sh*t together.

It means we’re unorganized, unmotivated and undeserving of the “adult” label.

What they don’t realize, however, is that we are grown up and we will never "have our sh*t together.”

Don’t be fooled, we could get it together if we wanted to; we could buy a pantsuit and stuff our résumés into leather folders and walk around with briefcases and chips on our shoulders.

We could ride on elevators up and down for the rest of our lives. We could chain ourselves to desks and 60-hour work weeks… if we wanted to do that.

We’ve decided, however, that we'd rather not. We'd rather not imprison ourselves to the routines of "a normal day."

We've decided we'd rather not just pretend to be happy. We've decided we'd rather risk the chaos and pitfalls that come with refusing to settle rather than chain ourselves to an idea of a normal life.

We’d rather not sit around, complying with the rules and ideals that have been handed down for generations. We’d rather make our own hours and create our own schedules. We’d rather dress how we want and work for companies we find important.

We'd rather spend months traveling instead of days on payroll. We'd rather be moving, shuffling and exploring new lands and new ideas. We'd prefer to see the country we live in rather than just work for it.

Because we like not having our sh*t together, it feels like the one thing we're finally doing right.

1. We’re traveling the world rather than between offices.

2. We’re buying clothes we like rather than clothes we’re told are appropriate.

3. We’re buying weed rather than cigarettes.

4. We’re chasing dreams rather than deadlines.

5. We’re going to concerts rather than seminars.

6. We’re following our passions rather than a steady paycheck.

7. We’re taking jobs rather than careers.

8. We’re sleeping in hostels rather than rented apartments.

9. We're learning new languages rather than interpreting old ones.

10. We're taking chances rather than taking Christmas bonuses.

11. We’re partying instead of being bipartisan.

12. We're climbing mountains rather than the corporate ladder.

13. We're renting rather than chaining ourselves to a mortgage. 

14. We’re thinking outside the box rather than working in cubicles.

15. We’re making our own lunch instead of expensing it.

16. We’re working for the week rather than the weekend.

17. We're bursting ceilings rather than staring out windows.

18. We're keeping moments rather than keeping time.

19. We're choosing passion rather than pats on the back.

20. We’re breaking our hearts rather than our vows.

21. We're on planes rather than receiving postcards.

22. We’re holding on to overseas friends rather than hating our neighbors.

23. We’re cultivating our creativity rather than mowing our lawns.

24. We’re picketing wars rather than living behind picket fences.

25. We’re collecting experiences rather than dust.

26. We’re making art rather than being painted into a corner.

27. We're inventing rather ingesting everything they throw at us.

28. We're standing up for ourselves rather than spending our lives sitting down.

29. We're gathering moments rather than things.

30. We're living in the present rather than regretting our past.

31. We’re reforming laws rather than conforming to them.

32. We’re dancing barefoot at Bonnaroo rather than dancing around issues.

33. We're calling the shots rather than suffering the blows.

34. We're living for the story rather than its conclusion.

35. We’re going out with a bang rather than banging our secretary.

36. We're chucking labels rather than living in them.

37. We're welcoming strangers rather than creating enemies.

38. We're living our days rather than waiting for them to end.

39. We're trying new foods rather than following our mother's recipes.

40. We're worrying about friends rather than competing against them.

41. We're doing what we want rather than what we're told is right.

42. We're married to our causes rather than the wrong people.

43. We're helping the sick rather than pretending to be sick.

44. We're findings cures rather than just curing boredom. 

45. We're rolling papers rather than filing them.

46. We're writing our own books rather than looking for bookends.

47. We're conversing rather than being talked down to.

48. We're dreaming bigger rather than sleeping longer.

49. We are bearing it all rather than burying it all.

50. We're taking the plunge rather than sitting in our own sh*t.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It