5 Reasons Why You Should Dance Your Way Through Your 20s

by Umeshi Rajeendra

Humans are clearly heading in the direction of a technologically controlled era in which cognition is of utmost importance and we rely on the brain solely to figure out our next steps.

By employing this process, it is easy for us to lose sight of what it means to live our lives and understand ourselves.

We are all culprits of this, so here’s where the dancing comes into the picture. Yes, dancing.

Our body is our temple for a reason. It has its own personality, waiting to be expressed; the kind of expression that reveals realness about oneself.

It is a place where the mind has no control whatsoever, therefore allowing for a full human experience. For those who do dance — and I am not referring to only professional dancers — if you have experienced a sense of free spirit, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

By letting your body express itself, you’ll have inner-peace and happiness, regardless of what’s happening in your life. So, here are five reasons why you should dance your way through life:

1. It’s fun.

Increasingly, a high number of 20-somethings are under pressure in which the majority of them are stuck in a cycle of repetition that does not allow them to truly enjoy their lives. Dancing is a way to relieve some of that pressure. It is a fun activity to do with anyone or even alone.

2. Dancing is very sexy.

Come on, name just one unsexy dancer. Think about “Dirty Dancing,” “Grease” and “Flashdance.” The dancers are sexy due to an abundance of confidence and free spirit, not because of how they look.

Well, to be honest, dancers do have the best bodies, but the “sexy” I am referring to is a level of confidence and spirit that exudes attractive energy.

3. It is FREE!

Dancing can happen anywhere. Instead of walking to work, try dancing to work. Instead of walking around the park, try dancing in the park. It doesn't have to be on-point or perfect. The whole point of dancing is to let loose.

4. It is an exercise.

A lot of people complain about exercising. Dancing is a fun way to exercise. Not only does it help you burn a lot of calories, it also tones your body.

5. It relaxes you and keeps you grounded.

In a world where we have to work harder than ever to achieve the lifestyle we desire, relaxation and calmness are necessary ingredients for the soul.

Dance is a way for us to come back to the present and stay grounded while simultaneously providing appreciation for what’s happening around us.

Dance has the ability to portray feelings like nothing else does. Martha Graham did not say, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul" for no reason. The way you dance speak volumes about who you are.

I am not suggesting everyone take up dance professionally. I mean, if you do, good for you, mate!

However, I suggest we all take a moment to just let loose and partake in some movement that allows your body to express, feel and live in the moment.

What do you have to lose? Nothing really. So, why not give it a try?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr