5 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Capricorn Bestie Go

by Adrienne Holland
Guille Faingold

In my line-up of friends, I have an Aries here and an Aquarius there, but it wasn't until recently that I realized I have a ton of Capricorn besties in my life.

Like really, I seem to just dig a Capricorn.

Let's take my two best friends for example. I met them each separately during different life stages, one from college and then one from work, and come to find out they have January birthdays only one day apart.

Examining further, my old ride-or-die roommate is a Capricorn, my childhood dog is a Capricorn, hell, even my dad is basically a Capricorn (one day off so it sort of counts).

So I got to thinking WHY? Why do I have this natural admiration and mad love for a bestie born between December 22-19? Well, I'll tell you.

She is freaking loyal:

One thing is for sure: ain't nothing gonna get by a Capricorn bestie. She and I are as thick as thieves. If you want to talk about me behind my back, LOL, think again.


She'll call you out, and then tell me all the dirt, even if she agrees with what you're saying! She doesn't ask questions or feed into gossip. She won't allow others to knock me down. I can trust her.

And even when I make mistakes, she's there at the end of the day saying, "no big deal, dude."

She is down for anything, anytime:

Full disclosure: The most insane, alcohol-fueled night of my life didn't happen in college. It happened the night my two Capricorn besties met for the first time when I was 27.



A Capricorn bestie brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “wanna grab a drink?” and trust, it never is just one. And not only are Capricorns spontaneously boozy and delightful, but they also just know how to have a good laugh.

Laying on the floor of an NYC apartment watching "Bridesmaids" three times in a row for no apparent is actually a fond memory, because (you guessed it) I was with a Capricorn.

She is honest:

A Capricorn bestie definitely ain't no “yes man,” but that is what makes her so great.

This kind of friend actually provides you with valid advice that will help you navigate through some of the murkier waters of life (boyfriend problems, job confusion, which selfie to post on Insta).


And she will definitely be the first one to tell you if your contouring skills actually aren't on fleek. But let's be honest, this is why you love her because if she won't tell you, who will!?

She cannot stand drama:

Have I had back and forth text brawls with both of my Capricorn besties? Yes. Have we possibly not talked for a few days? Yes. Have we been yelling and brought to tears in the backseat of a taxi in Mykonos? Also possibly yes. But the next day, we talk, and it is FINE.

Isn't that just beautiful? We fight, and we actually make up.


A Capricorn hates drama and she won't add any extra anxiety like that to your life. She is straight forward, and can be a little abrasive, but at least you always know where you stand with her.

And the best part is yesterday's problems stay where they belong: in the past.

She is surprisingly sweet and sensitive:

And just when you think your Capricorn bestie is too edgy and cool to show any vulnerable emotion, there she is surprising you yet again.


Underneath that hard, untouchable exterior lies a girl who is sensitive, sweet and will without a doubt deliver a tear-jerking speech the night of your wedding.

She fights hard, but she loves even harder. She is the real deal, and if you don't yet have a Capricorn bestie of your own, all I can say is that you are severely missing out.