4 Workouts That Will Keep You Healthier And Happier Than Running Ever Will

Try to remember the first time you attempted to run a mile.

The sun was probably shining while your headphones blasted away in your ears, but all you felt was the battle to put one foot in front of the other.

Running isn't for everyone, especially in an age when specialty fitness is so ubiquitous. Kudos to the marathoners out there, but their commitment to putting in endless hours isn't for everyone.

Like a wine preference or a favorite pastime, working out is a hobby with plenty of nuances.

Although plenty of people get kicks out of bolting five miles down well-run paths, running isn’t always enough to satisfy the rest of us. Not to mention, our knees start to feel that extra pressure.

Avoiding the mile doesn’t have to mean falling out of shape, though. Thanks to an increasingly popular workout culture, there are more opportunities than ever before to explore new kinds of exercise.

When a workout regimen is right, the benefits will be clear: You'll get an endorphin-fueled grin, a sweaty body and a rush of enthusiasm to try it again. Athleticism is about doing your personal best, not what everyone else enjoys.

Whether you work out for an hour once a week or you work out every single day, this is your time to be the best possible version of yourself.

Instead of wasting those precious minutes on an exercise routine you don’t enjoy, try something new.

Your body will thank you.

Hot Yoga

Ready to tune up your body while getting a little steamy? Hot yoga has you covered. The practice takes place in a studio, often at a temperature upward of 100 degrees.

The heat warms your muscles, enabling you to bend and flex farther than you normally can.

As the class shifts poses, your body sweats and the lesson starts to feel more like a cleansing meditation than a workout.

What’s more, yoga classes encourage the idea of a “practice,” meaning it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you get a little better each time around.

That’s a positive attitude you can take out of the studio and into real life.


Remember the feeling of success you felt the first time your training wheels came off? Relive that breezy freedom with an adult bike of your own.

Not only does the two-wheeled wonder provide an easy, environmentally friendly way to get from Point A to Point B, but it also ups your endorphins without disrupting your schedule. That means more time to spend with best friends and family members.

A bike doesn't have to drain your wallet, because a variety of styles and choices mean a perfect fit for every rider.

Whether you're commuting to work or taking a weekend ride, stylish biking apparel and sleek-looking bike frames in trendy colors mean you'll look nothing like your parents circa 1978 when you hit the pavement. Going from charity ride to paved bike path poses no problem.

No matter what you're riding, cycling is a workout that'll keep you happy and focused. The biking family is expansive and welcoming, so they'll be sure to provide pointers and support once you hit the road.


A few hours in the open air, and you'll quickly forget you ever experienced stress.

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, a quick Google search will help you find local outdoor organizations that volunteer to drive you out to the beginning of a trail and provide you with a trained guide.

Pack a lunch and a pair of sneakers, and you'll soon be off on a mental vacation the beach can't rival.

Couple the benefits of time away from your computer and smartphone with those of low-impact exercise, and in no time, you'll wonder what appeal you ever saw in the treadmill.

Bonus: Hikes create incredible dates. Something about the combination of altitude and a sunset makes for a heady atmosphere.


If you wanted to be a ballerina growing up, don't give up on those visions of swirling tutus just yet.

In the past several years, a school of minute muscle toning known as barre gained devotees across the country.

The lessons have all the intensity of Russian ballet teachers, driving home proper form while focusing on activating every muscle in the body.

Meditate closely on every layer of your abdominal muscles, and you'll soon be the proud owner of a wholly reshaped body.

Plus, the softly lit studio and meditative practice bring an element of calm and focus to an otherwise fast-paced lifestyle. Did you notice those stress headaches and lower back pains vanished? Thank barre.

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