4 Ways To Organize Your Life During The Autumnal Equinox

by Rosey Baker
Jennifer Brister

The autumn equinox is one of the two days a year when the day and night become totally equal in length, and it's happening on Sept. 22, 2017. Traditionally, this is a time of harvesting, a time for conservation and for planting new seeds. The oncoming winter is right around the corner, so the best we can do it embrace these seasonal changes by planting some seeds of our own and organize your life during the autumnal equinox. You don't have to work on a farm or even have a garden to pull up some of your own weeds; in fact, you can do so in your city apartment in a figurative way.

Today we're going to talk about pulling up the weeds in our own lives by going through our belongings and getting rid of anything we don't use. We're going to celebrate the oncoming winter by organizing just in time for the the autumn equinox, because winter is a time when we spend a lot of time indoors, and we might as well be sure that the space we're going to be in is beautiful, clean, and brings us a sense of peace while the storms outside rage.

Winter is coming, bitches. Winter is coming. Here's how we prepare.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Darren Muir

Go through everything you own in your apartment. If you haven't used it in a year, you need to rid yourself of it. I mean even if you think "this might come in handy though," my answer to you is this: so would a chainsaw if you had a murderer break into your house, but are you gonna be a psychopath who sleeps next to a chainsaw your whole life? NO. Because chainsaws are bulky as hell.

So get yourself a gigantic box, and throw all your old books (you don't read that much anyway, let's be real) and all your old appliances, and all your old chipped dishes and get rid of it. Donate it. People are in need, and you are living like a hoarder, and that is no way to go into winter. Besides, nobody wants to come dig you out from under a pile of your own belongings in April when they could be out having a f*cking picnic.

There are a ton of charities that will come and pick up your old donations for you, all it takes is a simple Google search. Do that ish.

Store Your Summer Threads

Jesse Morrow

Sure, it's depressing to put away your summer clothes. It's the end of an era. But just think about it this way: The more room you make for your winter clothes, the more bulky sweaters you get to wear while cupping a mug of cocoa by a windowsill, and that is what life is about. So go through your your sweaty summer threads, throw them all in the wash, and then go through each item one by one.

If anything is ratty, or ill-fitting, or just not-your damn style anymore, GET RID OF IT. Again, people need clothes, and you can manage to donate a few things. Besides, how much storage room do you really have? Might as well save as much space as possible. You could even do one of those fun clothing exchanges that you always say you're going to show up for but never get it together in time to do.

Clean Your Bathroom

Jayme Burrows

Look, bathrooms end up being a dumping ground for the land of misfit toiletries. When winter comes, you're not gonna need that sea-salt spray you used on your hair for beachy waves all summer. You're not going to need 17 different kinds of SPF (but honestly you should def hang onto one of them because sun protection factor is important) and you definitely aren't going to need a bunch of festival makeup you accumulated at Coachella.

Go through all your makeup and moisturizers. If there's anything you haven't used in a year, again, let's rid ourselves of that and not hang onto it "just in case, for Halloween." Make some room on your bathroom shelves. Not every single inch of them needs to be covered in makeup or whatever else.

I mean would it kill you to have a clean countertop to put a pumpkin spice candle on? No, it would not.

Organize Your Winter Wardrobe

Alita Ong

Yes, you guessed it; you'll need to remove old coats you haven't worn in years, jackets that you know you'll never wear, and items you know you probably won't need this winter. It's part of the deal, folks. When you start putting away the lucky keepers, try rolling them up, because those winter sweaters can take up a lot of space. Better yet, hang up all your sweaters, and keep your shirts rolled up in a drawer. This way, you're using your space efficiently.

Efficiency, conservation, and organization is what winter is all about anyway, isn't it? Happy equinox, and happy organizing! You can do it.