4 Reasons Taking Photos Obsessively Is A Good Habit To Have

by Ashley Dinkel

With the number of selfies on the rise, the ease of taking pictures has become something we Millennials take for granted.

You are most likely lying if you said you've never posted a photo just because you knew it would get many likes (I’m guilty, too). But, it seems we have forgotten the meaning behind taking photographs.

Is it not amazing that we have the power and technology to capture a single moment by practically stopping time? Not only are we capable of it, but we also have the ability to hold on to the memory forever.

If we can take a second and forget about which selfie is the best to post, we can realize why it is important to take not only photos of ourselves but of those around us every day, too.

My brother passed away 11 years ago and there are only two pictures of us together. One of the two pictures was taken one month before he passed away. I would do anything to have more pictures of him, but especially more pictures that captured the recollections I have of us together.

Some may argue that remembering an experience is far more important than taking the time to take a picture of the moment. But, I believe we can strengthen our memories visually.

I fear that I will one day forget the memories I have of my brother. For this reason, I am grateful for the two pictures I do have to help me hold on to those memories a tad bit longer.

Do me a favor and look at the electronic device you most likely have in your hand, pocket or beside you. We often take for granted how easy we have it, with the cameras on our phones and tablets, etc. That electronic device has made it harder for us to have an excuse not to capture memories (except for a dead battery, but that is not the point).

We should be taking pictures every day and not just for approval of the number of likes received. We need to capture the special moments (and not-so-special moments) to have a lifetime of physical remembrances.

Reminisce of places and people

Friends come and go; people pass away, and places change. Think about when you are 50, 60 and 80 years old: Won't you want to be able to physically look back at photos and remember the great memories you had of certain places or people?

Taking photos now of those special events, people and places will make for some great memories later down the road.

Look back and laugh

“No! I’m not wearing makeup and my hair looks crappy” is not a good enough excuse to not take pictures of what will be a memory on which you can reflect one day. Sometimes, it is those random nights when the fun happens that make for great pictures.

Looking back on funny photos with friends can bring about happiness of what was felt the moment the photo was taken. Not much is better than reminiscing and having some good laughs.

Capture photos that make you proud

The times of being a kid, the years spent in high school and the adventures of college are memorable in the timelines of our lives. Whether your family has photos of you from the past or not, now is the time we should spend to take pictures our future selves can be proud to see.

Savor life through images to look back on in the future

Throwback Thursday can be a bittersweet feature as we reflect and post photos of the past. Twenty years from now, though, we might be finding ourselves throwing it back to right now.

Next time you don’t feel like taking a picture because you have messy hair or don’t feel Instagram ready, try to remember that this specific moment can be a memory that can be savored through the beauty of a photograph.

We spend plenty of time thinking about the past, so why not focus on the present so we can carry memories into the future and take pictures that will last a lifetime?