17 Times I Would Rather Be Lied To Than Be Told The Truth

by Lauren Martin

The truth will set you free. I know this. I know that the unexamined life is not worth living and that honesty is always better than flattery. I know that truth is wisdom and lying will get you to hell. I know that lying is never right, but sometimes, the truth just hurts too much.

We’re fragile beings and even though sticks and stones may give us physical wounds, words cut deep. Words wound with a type of internal bleeding that is hard to stop. Words have the ability to ruin relationships, kill self-esteem, destroy lives, and sometimes you just don’t want to hear them. Sometimes you’d take the lie, with all its repercussions and delusions, over hearing the brutal truth that’s only going to cut you deeper.

Because if words hurt so bad, what’s so wrong with a lie told under the right circumstances? If the truth isn’t going to solve anything in this instance, in this minute and this situation, why hurt the person? When did lying become so wrong and the truth become so damn liberating?

Isn't a lie just as liberating as the truth? Because sometimes in life you just need to hear the lie. You need to hear that everything is going to be okay to get you through. You need to be protected, hidden and deprived of the truth so you can go on living.

So if I'm in pain, just lie to me. If your words are going to stab me, lie to me. If you are about to shatter everything I know as true and right with the world, lie to me.

When You’re Breaking Up With Me

Don’t tell me you’re leaving because you love another woman or my hands are too big. Don’t tell me it’s because you found someone better or that you’re tired of me. Just tell me it’s you, tell me it’s just not working, tell me anything but just don’t say it’s me.

When I Got A Bad Haircut

It will grow out so for now just indulge me and don’t make me feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. Tell me it looks good, tell me I rock it, tell me it’s fabulous on me. Because if you don’t, I may just lock myself in my room for the next three weeks.

When I’m Eating McDonald's

Don’t tell me how my chicken nuggets are made or the amount of days they keep the fries under the heat lamps. I don’t want to know, I’m ignoring those facts as I enjoy a Big Mac. Just tell me it’s protein and the fat will go to my ass (in a good way, of course).

When I’ve Made A Mistake I Can’t Fix

When I’m torn up with regret, harping over something that can’t be fixed, just tell me it’s going to be okay (even if it’s not). Because in this moment, when I’m scared and alone and feel like the weight of the world is drowning me, just help me push some weight off for a while.

When My Pimple Is Huge

I know everyone can see it. I know it’s just not me. But if I am going to be around people all day just tell me it’s not bad and that no one can see the giant zit on my forehead. Because there’s nothing worse than knowing how bad something really is.

When My Parents Are Fighting

I don’t want to know about their problems. I don’t want to know about my parents' fights, mortgages, debts, anything that makes them seem not perfect. I don’t want to know they are humans who are suffering as much as I am.

When I’m Crying

Just tell me what I need to hear so I can stop. Just help me feel better, to find a place that makes me happy again. Tell me the things that will keep the tears at bay or at least put an end in sight.

When I Miss Home

When I’m crying with homesickness, tell me I’ll be home soon, even if it’s not for two years. Tell me it will get better and that I’ll feel better in the morning. Tell me everyone goes through this.

When I Look Like Sh*t

If I look like sh*t, I probably feel like sh*t. As a general note, people who look like they haven’t slept in days most likely haven’t. No need to point out the obvious and tell me how bad I look. Maybe tell me something great about myself because God knows I need something positive right now.

When I Ask How I Was Conceived

I shouldn’t have asked, but you should have lied. Tell me about the stork and the fairies and the magical potions. Tell me anything but the truth.

When I’m Not Good At Something I’m Passionate About

If this passion is all I have, if it’s the only thing that brings me a sense of purpose and peace in the world, just tell me I’m good. I don’t have to be brilliant or fantastic, but just good at the only thing I think I can do.

When I Cook You A Meal

It’s already made and unless you physically can’t choke it down, then just let it rest. You don’t need to compliment the hell out of it, but eat the food I made for you and sound somewhat appreciative.

When Things Can’t Get Any Worse

If you know I’m in a dark place and there’s absolutely no hope, keep the worst parts of the truth out of it. Because even when you think that things can’t get any worse, they most likely can.

When He/She Found Someone Hotter

Just tell me I’m prettier or that he looks like a tool. Say they’re nothing compared to me and that I'll always be better. Even if it’s Gisele Bündchen, just say that I’m hotter… please.

When I Can’t Sleep

It’s usually because I’m worrying about something. Maybe I’m going over regrets or having a panic attack. When I call you and ask you to talk to me, don’t tell me what I have to hear, tell me what I need to hear.

When I Made A Fool Of Myself

I already know what happened, I need you to tell me that it didn't. Whether I said something inappropriate to my boss that could get me fired or I pissed off your mother, just tell me it didn't happen and I'm over-exaggerating.

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