14 Things That Could Unknowingly Be Causing You Bad Luck Every Day

by Alexa Mellardo

There are mad superstitions out there in the world, but is there really any truth to them?

Whenever I think of superstition, the “bad luck” (and hardcore creepiness) black cats and Friday the 13th supposedly bring first come to mind.

Is being superstitious a thing of the past, though?

Does our generation even pay attention to anything like that?

I wouldn't say I'm a passionate believer in all superstitions, but the ones I do believe in, I try to avoid at all costs.

I try my hardest to stay on my A game on Friday the 13th, because it freaks me the heck out.

Better safe than sorry, right?

They may seem pretty crazy, yet every nationality has some sort of superstition about bad luck.

For example, Italians have the “Malocchio,” which means “evil eye.” Italian folklore says that someone who gives the “evil eye” (look) can actually bring pain or misfortune upon someone else.

To deter the bad spirits, Italians can wear a horn necklace (which looks like a small chili pepper).

You might find some of these blasphemous, or you may find them to be all too true.

Here are 14 things that could unknowingly be causing you bad luck.

1. Getting into your bed on the wrong side.

Did you know you're supposed to get out of your bed on the same EXACT side you hopped in, or you will have bad luck for the entire day?

2. Seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony.

This superstition is pretty well known, but the groom is not supposed to see his bride before the wedding.

Didn't anybody tell the photographers who are doing first looks for every wedding about this casually important information?!

3. Sleeping on a table.

It's bad luck to sleep on a table.

I think a few of my friends may have done this one or 10 times after a pub crawl, JUST saying…

4. Peeing in the road.

If you pee in the road, you will get a stye in your eye.

This one's a bit gross.

One of my college friends did this a few late nights back to the dorm and I'm not sure she had any problems with her eyes…

5. Not wearing earrings if you're on a boat.

Sailors wear earrings in their ears because if they don't, they may drown. And I thought this earring situation was low-key a sexy trendy kind of a thing.

6. Walking under a ladder.

Honestly, why walk under the ladder anyway? Walk around it and save yourself from negative spirits of this superstition.

7. Not eating an apple every day.

You know what they say about them apples… they keep the doctor away.

8. Opening an umbrella while you're still inside.

Apparently, opening an umbrella inside totally pisses off the sun god… so take it outside or feel the wrath.

9. Breaking a mirror.

Crack a mirror, and you could bring seven years of bad luck upon yourself. EEK!

10. Changing your bed on a Friday.

Doing this will bring you horrible dreams, so why not wait until Saturday?

11. Placing a hat on a table or bed.

Keep that hat hung up or on your head where it belongs!

12. Rejecting someone's kiss underneath the mistletoe.

For real though, this can apparently bring bad luck your way.

13. Taking a trip on Tuesday the 13th.

A Spanish superstition deems Tuesday the 13th extremely unlucky in Spain. Apparently their “Tuesday the 13th” corresponds with our “Friday the 13th,” and you shouldn't tie the knot or travel that day.

14. Wishing a friend “happy birthday” before his/her actual birthday.

Germans consider this bad luck. DANG, now that's a problem for my squad because we're all about starting our birthdays the week before our actual date, and finishing the partying sometime the week after. OOPS.

To believe, or not to believe in superstitions, the choice is all yours. Some of them are pretty wild, while others, not so much. The fate of your luck awaits…