14 Signs You're Literally A Grandma And You Love It

Liubov Burakova

At 22 years old, I'm extremely young, but sometimes I don't necessarily feel like I fit in with my generation.

There are days I feel more like an old soul than anything else, which makes perfect sense. Yes, I did have a little "party phase" right after high school, but that quickly melted away, and I could easily be found writing in my journal at a coffee shop or finding pure bliss in baking at home because I didn't feel like going out with some of my friends.

And hey, that's totally alright.

The thing about having "embraced your inner grandma," or being an old soul (I just like saying inner grandma because it sounds kind of awesome) is more exciting than society gives it credit for.

We can still have fun while staying in and watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the fifth time in a week. We can have fun napping because of course napping is wonderful. And we can have a lovely day by ourselves than with a bunch of people at a club. And honestly, I think it would be super fun to host a tea party with friends.

Another benefit to unleashing and accepting your inner old soul is that you can be comfortable with the times where you aren't busy and you can be okay with not doing much. I don't mind being alone or taking time for myself or recharging.

1.You have accepted that your aesthetic might revolve around cross stitching.

Because honestly, cross stitchings are really cool and super neat -- and they're fun to make. Besides, you can never have too much cross stitching in your life.

2. You spend more afternoons napping and nights creating.

Because a lady needs to get her beauty sleep in order to be creative at night time.

3. You think about hosting cute tea parties at your apartment.

Honestly! It sounds like a cool and creative idea, right? Where are the side of scones for the tea? Let's chat up a really interesting conversation on old Hollywood starlets. And can we get some knitting going on up in here?

4. You're really good at being the mom of the friend group.

You're basically there for your friends 24/7, you're a wonderful listener, you're unconditionally supportive and you're really caring and sappy when it comes to your friends. You'd do anything for them, and you take the friendships in such a sentimental way.

5. Netflix is on your radar more than anything.

Netflix in bed with a bowl of cereal. Sounds perfect to me.

6. Sometimes you get more excited over food than a boy.

Is it bad to be more jazzed about a giant plate of food than having a guy give you his phone number? I guess I can't remember, considering I haven't had a boyfriend in forever. #grandmaprobs

7. Sometimes you'd rather hang out with your pet instead of your friends.

Animals don't judge. Animals aren't complicated. People can be so complicated, and it's nice to take a break from that sometimes just to hang out with an adorable creature.

8. You even dress like a grandma.

And by that, I mean lots and lots of cute cardigan sweaters. Haven't you ever heard of a little thing called "grandma chic?" I dig it.

9. You get more excited about a book's ending than anything else.

When you're submersed in a novel, nothing else really matters and you're so captured and engrossed that the rest of the world seems to shut off. Who cares about Kylie Jenner when you have "The Bell Jar" at your finger tips?

10. You accept that being a shut in homebody sometimes is alright.

There's nothing wrong with staying in once in a while.

11. You love to bake.

You find baking semi-therapeutic, and it brings you a unique sense of joy -- especially when you bake for your friends and family.

12. You just feel old.

It's an describable feeling, but sometimes you don't truly feel like you are a Millennial, whatever that might mean.

13. You'd rather go to a coffee shop than a club.

A coffee shops is your happy place, unlike a club or a bar.

14. You march to the beat of your own drum.

After years of your angsty teens, you've finally found a place in your 20s where you can start to be comfortable in your own skin and feel proud of who you are, for the most part, anyway.