14 Types Of People You Should Definitely Drop From Your Life This Year

by Brianna Chavira

As we entered the new year, we all made resolutions for better diets, more exercise, stronger career goals, saving more money, being nicer to our parents and so on.

But, people often overlook the most important thing to worry about: the people you consider to be your friends.

As the saying goes, "You are who your friends are."

If you’re like me, this year, you are vowing to make changes that only benefit your happiness and overall well-being.

Here are 14 types of toxic people you should remove from your life:

The Self-Loathing One

People who haven’t learned to love themselves are really hard to please.

I am such an advocate of building people up, but when someone is constantly in a state of self-loathing, it can really take a toll on your own happiness.

Try not to surround yourself with people like this into the new year.

The Unsupportive Friend

When somebody doesn’t support your dreams and aspirations, it's time to say bye to this person.

We don't deserve to have someone put us down for having hopes and dreams, no matter how silly they may be.

A friend should be your cheerleader.

The Judger

This is that friend who just constantly judges you for your poor life decisions and makes you feel bad whenever you f*ck up.

Everyone makes mistakes.

It's a friend’s job to build you back up and help you through your mistakes, not shame you for making them.

Nobody needs a judgmental friend who makes you doubt yourself.

The Negative Nancy

There is always that one person who is constantly being negative about all of your suggestions for hanging out.

These people never like your ideas, and they always have an excuse for why they don’t want to go anywhere.

These types of people are exhausting and really difficult to please.

They don’t need any place in your life.

The Jealous Bitch

Someone who wants what you have will not be a nice person to you.

He or she will make snide comments when you talk about your achievements and will probably make you feel bad for wanting to share with them when you succeed.

Don’t waste your time with people like this.

The Freeloader

I do not have a problem covering for my friends when they forget their wallets or when they are broke until their next paychecks.

We've all been there.

With good friends, it's always an endless circle of having each other's backs because you know favors will be repaid eventually.

But don’t let people use you over and over again without giving anything in return.

That’s just not cool.

The Fibber

I must admit that I have told a white lie every now and then to save a friend’s feelings from getting hurt.

But when someone is lying to you over and over again for no reason, it's time to let that friend go.

Relationships are built on trust, and if you can’t even trust your friend to tell you the truth, he or she isn't worth your time.

The Flaker

We are all guilty of flaking.

I do it a fair amount of the time, but I make sure to warn my friends way early in the day that I’m feeling exhausted and probably won’t be making it out for happy hour that night.

As long as you have a general understanding with your friend, this is okay.

But don’t keep friends who flake left and right and don’t give two sh*ts about hurting your feelings.

The Gossipmonger

Loose lips sink ships.

I firmly believe you should never be close with people who can’t keep their mouths shut and mind their own business.

Chances are, this person is talking about you behind your back.

So do yourself a favor and cut him or her loose.

The Hard Partier

I love going out and having a good time, but at the age of 25, it's just not my lifestyle anymore.

I have a full-time job and quite a few hobbies, so drinking every night doesn’t really fit into that routine.

If a friend only talks to you because he or she wants to drink with you, then he or she just a party friend.

You have better friends who you can get both hammered with and have a nice sober lunch with.

This person isn’t interested in listening to your problems; he or she just wants to have a good time.

Let him or her do that with other people.

You’re beyond that.

The Worrywart

It's so f*cking annoying to have to constantly reassure this person about everything.

No, your significant other isn’t leaving you.

No, you're are not fat.

Yes, you're doing well in you're career.

No, being under the influence every so often doesn’t make you a bad person.

At our age, there’s no reason to doubt our actions. Just own them and move on.

The Ex

It's 2016, and if you still have your exes' numbers and a text threads with those assh*les, you should stop for a second and reevaluate things.

It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t do you any good to be in contact with them.

As hard as it is, delete their numbers and let yourself be free from their gravitational pulls.

The Self-Absorbed Ego Maniac

If someone only talks about his- or herself and never stops to ask how you're doing, then he or she isn't your friend.

This person just wants to have someone listen to how great his or her life is.

Showboating is obnoxious, so drop this friend.

I swear, your life will change for the better once you no longer have to listen to this person rattle on and on about how great his or her life is ever again.

The One Who Peer Pressures

I’m not personally against drinking and experimenting with drugs.

I’ve been there and done that, and I would never judge anyone for partaking in experimentation.

However, the second you try to force me to do anything, I’m out.

A friend should never make you feel bad about not wanting to try something, and if he or she does, you need to leave that person in the dust.

So spend 2016 with only the best of company.

If you find that any of these descriptions match up to people in your life, I would advise you to graciously bow out of those friendships before you really get hurt.

Life is all about achieving happiness, so why let negativity hinder your progress?

Start the new year off fresh with a clean slate.

It's hard to say goodbye to people, but sometimes it's just for the best.

Enjoy this time to grow and find people who truly care about you and with whom you can really connect.