14 Of Life's Toughest Moments That Time Will Always Cure

by Lauren Martin

“You’ll feel better in the morning.”

We’ve all heard the statement and we most likely have been on the other end of it at least once. As we lie crying or hurting, we’re always reassured that everything will be better in the light of morning. Tomorrow will be a new day and the pain will be less. We take the advice with a grain of salt, yet somehow things always do seem a little better in the morning.

But why is that? Does the sun dry up all our pain and the night winds sweep away our troubles? Do the stars soak up our tears and relieve our soul?

While we may not believe in universal powers or mystical properties of a full moon, we should believe in the power of time, because time is the most powerful force there is.

It heals the soul the same way a scab forms and slowly treats an open sore, every day getting better until there is nothing left but a small scar. It may take days, months or years, but time most definitely alleviates and closes some of our deepest wounds.

So when life knocks the wind out of you and kicks you to the curb, which it will, there are certain things that help you get back up -- and time will always be one of them. Because everything looks different after days have passed. Situations are reevaluated, burdens are lighter and the nauseating sting of regret subsides.

Time is that therapy session you need, the hug of your mother and the embrace of a lover. It’s the slow and steady morphine drip that gently fades away all your worries and troubles until you forget what you were so upset about to begin with.

So if you're in pain, take a moment to see if your worries are something that can be cured with time and if they can then there's no reason to worry, because time heals all.

An Aching Heart

Nothing heals a broken heart better than time. From the moments you can’t catch your breath to the silent pain that aches within your soul, time slowly alleviates all the symptoms of a heart that’s been torn in half.

A Bad Haircut

There are few things immediately worse than a bad haircut. For a few painful hours, it feels like you will be stuck with a bob for the rest of your life. But we've all learned from experience that time most definitely heals a few inches too short.

A Case Of Homesickness

The pain of missing home is a hard one to bear. However, the longer you spend in your new surroundings, the more comfortable and less lonely you become. Homesickness is an inevitable side effect of leaving your comfort zone and the more time you spend away, the less time you spend thinking of home.

A Harsh Betrayal

The sting of betrayal may never be forgotten, but the pain most definitely will subside. You may never forget what they did to you, but you will be able to move on.

An Awkward Moment

Those terrible moments that make you cringe when memories are replayed in your mind over and over only fade with time. It takes a good amount of time to turn a sad, embarrassing or awkward moment into a funny story.

A Bad Case Of Food Poisoning

It may seem like you’ll never see outside the chrome bowl, but you will, just let it pass. When it comes to being sick, we've learned that “this too shall pass” and you will feel normal again.

A Horrible Hangover

Hangovers are worse than real illness because there are no cures. There are remedies and wives tales, but no antibiotics. Time is the only medicine you have and the longer it works its way through your system, the better you will feel.

A Lost Way

Those moments when you're lost feel like they'll last forever. It's the gut-wrenching feeling that you will be walking around lost for the rest of your life. But you will always find your way back. Time will do that, it will bring you where you need to go.

A Harsh Rumor

Bad words are never fun and a rumor always feels like it will surround your life for the rest of your days. You will forever be known by that rumor, and nothing else. However, we've all learned that rumors pass and new ones replace the old as quickly as people start to forget what they were talking about to begin with.

A Fight With Your Best Friend

To fight with a friend is worse than a lover because there is no make-up sex. But there is making up, and it will happen. The minutes, hours and days after a bad fight with someone you love always feel like the end of the world, and most likely, the end of the friendship. But days weaken the heightened emotions and the reserved love you have for one another will outweigh the fight.

A Bad Feeling

Those horrible feelings we get when we’re alone, depressed or just sad are usually just a passing evil. Only the hours and days will help you get past them.

A Zit

No, you will not have it forever.

 A Heavy Burden Of Guilt

Whatever you did, you will eventually forgive yourself. This will not weigh on you forever and you will be able to move on without wanting to kill yourself with every step.

A Lost Job

You won't be unemployed forever. You will find another job and it will be for the best. Everything happens for a reason and time has a way of proving that again and again.

A Death

The grief will pass even if the sadness stays. The dark pit of hollowed sadness will not consume you for the rest of your life. Over time you will learn to live without that person and become numb to his or her absence. Though the pain may always be there, you will learn to live with it valiantly.

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