14 Awesome Activities You Can Do Now That Fall Is Here

Fall is here!

The colors of the leaves changing... and so is our perspective and mood. Who doesn't love fall?

Here are 14 things that you can do now that you can't do any other time of year.

1. Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Nonstop.

Every year, we wait for the moment that these lattes are in season.

Obviously, no list about this awesome season would be complete without PSLs.

2. Go apple picking.

You can make it an event for your family, SO, or friends. Or just grab the whole gang!

3. Wear plaid shirts with jeans and flats.

Winter is coming so it's not too hot... but it's not too cold yet, either. Plaid shirts with jeans and flats are your perfect outfit!

4. Play with crunchy leaves!

Who doesn't love the sound of the leaves crumbling as we step on them? Collect pretty ones and throw them in the air with joy! Fall is here!

5. Get excited that Thanksgiving is coming...

It's the only proper time to eat turkey with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

6. Remember that family is everything.

Fall is a reminder that our loved ones are here and we should cherish them every day.

People start getting into the holiday spirit. We feel excited that it's nearly time to return home and reunite with loved ones.

7. Go on hay rides.

Once you've gone to pumpkin patches, you can enjoy hay rides that only come once a year.

8. Feel relieved that nature photos are now OK on Instagram.

No more sunsets and sunrises.

It is socially acceptable now to begin posting scenic nature photos of autumn, random trees, and even the typical boots with leaves Instagram all-time favorite photo.

9. Enjoy warm apple cider on your front porch.

The seasons are changing and so is the temperature of choice for your beverages.

Whether it's hot chocolate or hot apple cider, you'll want to grab a warm drink on a chilly day out.

10. Cover yourself in blankets and pillows at all times.

It's time to take off your summer sheets and swap them for warm and furry friends!

That means you can even bring out the teddybears you've stored away in your closet.

11. Binge watch holiday movie marathons.

Halloween is on its way, which means there will be loads of movies playing on television. Sit on your couch, envelop yourself in blankets, light your Yankee candle and grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte. Watch every movie. Do not move for hours.

12. Wear flannel on flannel on flannel...

This look will never get old. .

The basic red flannel look with black tights and some boots and scarf is where it's at.

13. Notice the sights and sounds of the season are changing.

Have you noticed those beautiful (yet sometimes annoying) birds that won't stop chirping in the middle of the night? Well, they've migrated to warmer places.

The winter birds start flying home, so you'll begin seeing more hawks, eagles, and falcons, depending on where you are. They are usually near coastlines, lakeshores, and mountain ridges. If you're further south, you might see Canada Geese too.

14. Get excited about chipmunks, squirrels, woodchucks, and beavers!

Our furry friends will be joining us and popping in and out of neighborhoods even more now as we welcome fall.

It's fall! Who doesn't love fall? The food is changing. The weather is changing. Moods are changing as we see more people being nicer to their loved ones.

So get out there, enjoy the fall season because you can't do these things any other time!