Forget Weed Or Liquor, These Are The 13 Craziest Ways People Get High Around The World

by Lauren Martin

There's no denying that human beings are creatures that crave release. Whether it's through alcohol or drugs, we like to get high and forget our surroundings, if only for a short while. We've been doing it for thousands of years, and while the drugs and the techniques may have changed, the motives are all the same.

For just a few minutes of release, we like to inhale, sniff, drink or smoke whatever we can get our hands on. And while some of the measures have become legal and others are still on their way (or far from becoming), you'd be surprised at the number of obscure and somewhat irrational ways humans have resorted to in order to get their fix.

So next time your mom yells at you for smoking a joint, remind her that there are 13 way worse ways that you could be getting high.

via Imgur