11 Of Your Habits That Will Either Make Or Break You In Your 20s

by Kelly Hoffman

It’s a challenging concept to sit back in self-reflection and evaluate certain behaviors or mindsets that have developed over the years.

We often stick close with our habits, whether good or bad, because the failure to address them has become so common in our ways of living.

Some habits stand as detrimental to moving forward; others are greatly beneficial and should be maintained.

Whichever the case, recognition is the initial stepping stone when deciding which of these to leave behind or stay faithful to while traveling through the progressive stages of life.

Learning New Things: Make

Our minds are tools requiring stimulation to stay working quickly and efficiently. Graduating from formal schooling is no reason to stop processing new knowledge.

In a constantly changing world, it is our youthful responsibility to keep our minds sharp, not only to understand new innovations and advances around us, but to make contributions to them, as well.

Being A Skeptic: Make

It’s perfectly acceptable to question things. With an abundance of conspiracies floating around practically any subject or event, it’s crucial to hear all views of evidence before developing individual opinions.

It's also wise to proceed with caution when deciding what to believe.

Trusting Your Faith: Make

On the contrary to skepticism, simple blind faith is sometimes enough. Many things in the world occur with no factual rhyme or reason, and it’s healthy to develop spiritual, religious or your own individual theories to believe something to be true.

You do not need and will not find a firm, clear answer for everything, and that’s okay.

Sleeping Around: Break

Get it out of your system at some point during your experimental days, but realize that in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing more intimately satisfying than taking the time to learn and understand another person’s body through repetitive connection.

Conforming: Break

You are not on this planet to please others or live behind anyone’s shadow. Allowing your interests to revolve around the majority only hinders individuality.

Attempting to blend with the crowd should never be a reason of action. It’s those who stand out from the others that change the world.

Changing A Setback To A Comeback: Make

It is a universal truth that we will consistently make mistakes, and dwelling on such mistakes is useless. It only prevents the situation from becoming a positive learning experience.

Acknowledge the fact that you are a naturally flawed human being and use a fall as fuel for motivation to be better and do better. Brush it off while remembering the lesson and focus on moving forward.

Frivolous Spending: Break

It’s more rewarding to build your bank account on big-ticket experiences, like a week with your buddies in Vegas, than to be wasteful at Starbucks every morning. Think about the quality or necessity of the purchase.

Developing Passions: Make

Passion ignites a life of excitement. You can build your dream job into an empire, create a garden in which to practice yoga each morning, test a new recipe every day for a year or train for a marathon.

Find whatever fits your interest that requires a depth of emotion and sense of fulfillment, and take time to develop it simply for its enjoyment. It will bring peace to the natural stressors of living.

Spending Time Alone: Make

Great relaxation can result from independent activities and being comfortably self-sufficient. Take time to tune out the world and turn off the noise from the day to rest, regroup and stay internally connected with your thoughts. It allows for a clear mind and focus.

Playing It Safe: Break

Straying from your own comfort zone provides room for progressive success. Constantly challenging yourself will not only increase self-confidence when you rise to the occasion, it will keep your mind hungry for improvement and goal setting. With great risk comes great reward.

Traveling: Make

We can become entirely too stuck in the bubble of our own lives and those within a 50-mile radius of us. It's easy to forget there is a world out there filled with foreign cultures, people and sights.

Exploring diversely will open your realm of thinking and ultimately lead to more understanding or appreciation of all ways of living.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It