No Bad Vibes: 11 Ways To Radiate Positivity In Your Daily Life

by Danielle Naer

Let's face it: When it comes to overall positive perspective, we Millennials have slightly lost our way over the years. It's become pretty damn hard for us to keep those rose-colored glasses on all the time.

We've been busy fueling the fire of the instant gratification epidemic and its moment-by-moment excitement. Instead of keeping the big picture illuminated, we allow subtleties to rustle us with zeal and small qualms to trip us up.

Because of this, those who are constantly glowing with exuberant joy have become quite the rarity.

Everyone has stumbled upon an individual like this at some point, be it a random stranger encountered in passing, a waiter at a restaurant or an acquaintance who simply has a way about him.

We can hardly resist gravitating toward their incredible energy. Even having a closeness with such an individual seems to be a great privilege.

You've probably wondered what their secret is.

Imagine being one of these people?

It's possible! The secret isn't feigning joy; it's actually carrying that joy with you all the time.

It's imperative to focus on what you're putting into each day and each relationship. Once you know where you stand, throw in a little bit of self-help and a touch of communication expertise, and you're a sun in the center of everything.

We have some tips that'll make the positive vibes seep from every nook and cranny of your life:

1. Smile.

Just do it, even if you're annoyed as f*ck, or just not feeling it that day.

Studies released by the University of Kansas showed that smiling for one minute, even when you're not presently feeling happy, can improve mood by default. It slows your heart rate and reduces your perceived level of stress.

So smile! You'll be happier, and others can reap joy from the vibe you're giving off.

2. Don't complain and dwell on the bad.

This is a given. Nobody is going to be left beaming after hearing about the traffic that sh*t on you on your way to work, or how you only slept for two hours last night.

This is literally just weighing down you and everyone in your path. Unless you can experience some comic relief from it, drop it and press onward. Don't forget to slap that grin on to help give you that extra mood boost.

3. Make sure people you meet leave your presence happier than they were when they entered it.

If it's the cashier ringing you up, crack a joke that'll make her smile. Start up some fun dialogue, or pay her a compliment. It doesn't have to be over-the-top to be affective.

Aside from just being a ray of light for the brief moment, first impressions dictate the majority of your relationships with people. By boosting another person's mood in every conversation, you're also building a great potential social life.

You never know who you will encounter down the line, so you can never go wrong by making sure positivity flows in every relationship.

4. Be a good listener, and be genuinely there for others.

The key word here is genuinely. It's fairly easy to give advice and present yourself as a shoulder to cry on. It's another thing to be real with it.

Making people naturally want to open up to you is a skill that takes time to acquire. Feeling heard is absolutely essential to all human interactions, so a lent ear will seldom be rejected.

When combined with your radiant exterior, showing an individual you possess some sort of raw emotion will give others the inclination to share pieces of themselves with you.

5. Omit insecure jealousy, and know how to be happy for others.

Have you ever had a friendship that seemed to be barred by negative energy? You had to dull your own sparkle in order to have a relationship with her because your happiness seemed to deepen her bitterness.

She probably preferred having a root canal before paying you any sort of legitimate praise or positivity, though she mastered the art of feigning support and being sly about her pessimism.

These types of people are not happy with themselves. There's nothing more to it. Miserable people can seldom find it in themselves to be happy for anyone else, no matter how dearly they may hold others to their hearts.

Avoid this approach at all costs. Don't ever steal joy from others. Know how to give people the credit they deserve in the midst of a fair-weather situation.

6. In fact, go to the next level and lift up the discouraged.

It's not hard to support others in times of success. Again, being a fair-weather friend is an expression for a reason, and it's a negative one at that. Being there when people are low and helping them find that light at the end of the tunnel is hard.

Be realistic. Don't throw irrational, thoughtless banter at them to get them off your back. Genuinely understand what's wrong and where they're at, and then help them search for a silver lining.

7. Use your manners.

A little "please" and "thank you" goes a long way. Moreover, just remember common courtesy at the forefront of all things. So many relationships depend on it, such as roommates, siblings, coworkers, significant others, etc. Make sure people's needs aren't being short-changed.

8. With manners comes gratitude.

It's important to recognize the little graces each day as well as in the grand scheme of things. Make it a goal to either start or end each day by thinking of one thing you are thankful for.

9. Each time you recognize something negative about an individual, try to come up with three positives and share them.

We know nobody is perfect, not even the positive person you're looking to emulate.

People's flaws will become recognizable after time. Acknowledge that each negative comes the positive. You can learn something from everybody, even the most troubled person.

In short, give others the benefit of the doubt and always look for the good in them. Not to mention, talking sh*t is annoying. Don't dwell on their poor attributes.

10. Give everyone equal respect, from celebrities to servers.

With the idea that you can learn something from everybody, treat each individual you come across with the utmost respect and consideration.

11. Love yourself.

By holding yourself in high regard, you're creating a moral compass for your daily perspective baseline.

Uphold humility through everything, and allot yourself sufficient love and consideration. The purest vibrance will come from it.