10 Ways Your Life Will Change For The Better As You Mature

While you develop the most -- physically and emotionally -- in your first 20 years, life will really begin to take hold in your mid-to-late 20s.

A lot of changes will begin to occur — suddenly, you'll find that you have more friends on Facebook than in real life and that you'd rather watch Netflix rather than bar hop on a weekend night.

However, there will be are many positive changes amidst the seemingly lame ones. The following is a list of 10 ways in which life changes during your 20s:

1. You start to care about your health

Smoking and binge drinking (or eating) now have less appeal, while making time for that yoga class after work or finding your go-to salad place gains increasing importance.

You’ll forego that midnight run to Taco Bell and rack up a bill for vitamins, protein shakes, smoothie mixes and gym memberships.

You’ll to learn that our bodies aren’t handling the partying-until-4-am thing as well as they used to and it’s time for some major adjustments.

2. Time to begin budgeting

Departure from college and graduate school was a harsh and unforgiving experience. Money no longer magically appears in your bank account, but rather, disappears at an alarming rate (thank you, federally subsidized student loans).

That $300 handbag or spur-of-the-moment trip becomes less of a reality, while day-to-day expenses (food, shelter, clothing and the occasional brunch or happy hour) become higher priorities.

3. Wanting the long-term rather than the right-now

Random hookups at that local bar or club no longer have that same je ne sais quoi. Many of us are starting to look for a bit more substance in our love lives and starting to find more interest in having someone there for the day-to-day rather than the one night.

You realize that you’re ideal timeframe for finding “the one” is upon you and things are getting much more real.

4. You want to self-improve

Groupon cooking and art classes were made for the 20-something who is looking to add hobbies to his or her Tinder profile or Pinterest page.

Whereas in the past, free time spent hanging out at a mall or movie theater seemed well-spent, now we are trying to cultivate interests in order to be that interesting person we used to imagine we’d become.

Taking up racquetball or photography can become a means to connect to peers outside of work, now that you can no longer find those connections in a classroom or dorm.

5. You have a wide array of “adult” chores

Doing bills and filing taxes, paying off a mortgage or car loan or even making your lunch for work tomorrow are on the plate.

You don’t necessarily feel differently, but suddenly, the need to get a good credit score, a 401(k), health insurance or even hiring a financial advisor are all becoming prime concerns of yours.

Despite these many chores, getting them done is not a pain, but rather, feels good. You can shamelessly say you enjoy a clean kitchen or the feeling of having paid off that lingering credit card bill, and that’s okay.

6. You’ve mellowed out

Despite the hectic schedules, you are a calmer person. You now approach people around you in a more empathetic way.

Your impetus to rebel is basically gone (except for that occasional dream of flipping the bird to your boss). Instead, you’d much rather things go smoothly and work cohesively.

7. Your role has shifted

You no longer expect parties, vacations, outings, holidays or even dinner to happen on their own. You’re now a mover and a shaker.

You’re hosting the fundraisers and planning the get-togethers, making the deals with clients and going over your intern’s final draft. You’re still learning, but you are taking an increasingly active role in your social life and in your career.

8. You’re becoming more reflective

As Spiderman wisely stated, “With great power comes great responsibility.” While you are taking a more active role in your life, you are learning that your decisions have repercussions and each choice you make uniquely shapes your life.

That argument with your dad could turn into a five-year silent spell and walking into the café that day could lead you to meet your future spouse.

You are now able to see the grander scheme, reflect on your decisions within it and forecast how future decisions will affect you.

9. You appreciate your own mortality

You begin to see those around you age and pass away. Your grandparents are gone and your parents are beginning to consider retirement. Movie stars and celebrities who once seemed immortal are now on their third marriages (and third face lifts).

Your own life is passing by increasingly quickly. It was just last Friday and now it’s the next. You appreciate the time you have, how you spend it and with whom you spend it a lot more.

10. It’s the little things

You once expected life to give you grand gestures, but now, all you want is a seat on the subway and a large cup of coffee in the morning.

Picking up on the details is becoming important, whether it’s because you’re becoming more skilled at your work or generally more involved in improving your life.

Small acts of kindness by others or a moment to appreciate the world around you really add to your day.

Life is happening and you’re digging in.

Photo via Tumblr