10 Easy Ways To Improve Yourself And Make The World A Better Place

by Umeshi Rajeendra

In today’s world, many are quick to blame others for the immorality in our society and the voices of the media that continue to play a major role in our daily lives.

Our contact with the media on a daily basis, whether it be through social media, public media or private media, affects the way we think and the way we act more than we realize. Instead of doing something to restore morale in our society, we continue to watch, accept and not take responsibility for the fact that we continue to let the media speak for us.

Therefore, it is high time each of us decides to become an agent of change, and by that, I mean to be the person you want others to follow and respect. We can all contribute to making this world a safer, happier and more joyful place by living our lives to the best of our ability and leading by example.

Here are 10 ways of doing so:

1. Be true to yourself.

At this age and time, it is easy for many of us to lose ourselves and engage in activities or moments that may not necessarily reflect who we are as individuals. Remind yourself of who you are, what you value and share it with others.

2. Love unconditionally.

Experiences in our life shape our way of portraying love and we show it in different ways. It does not matter how you show it or who you show it to, but when you do, love as if it is your last day on Earth.

3. If someone needs a smile, give one.

Remember, all it takes is one ripple in a pond to carry it onwards. Just imagine what your ripple effect could do.

4. Live in the moment and appreciate all that you have.

Lula Insfran said, “Let the past be in the past and not part of the future. Choose life every day, be grateful for whatever you have and most important, share, share, share -- spread as much love as you can.”

5. Actions speak louder than words.

Therefore, act in a positive manner, no matter what.

6. Find a cause or mission you truly care about and get involved.

Have you always had a soft spot for war veterans and their families? Does your heart break every time you hear a story about an abused animal? Find what pulls at your heart and join a cause that relates to it.

7. Spread messages of hope to those who are lonely and forgotten whenever you can.

You would be surprised just how badly people need a simple message to show them they are important.

8. Lend your hand to those who don’t have one.

If you see someone who needs help but is afraid to ask, don't be afraid to offer a hand.

9. If something bothers you, speak up.

Especially if you witness someone being mistreated. Don't be too afraid to voice your opinion in important situations.

10. Last, but not least, be the change you wish to see in the world.

It is really that simple. If we choose to be a spectator, just imagine how many in this world choose to do the same? Instead, choose to act.

Imagine if every individual, every one of the 6,775,235,842 souls in the world, chose to act in a positive way. Get involved. It is the little things we do in life that go a long long way.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It