10 Things You Learn To Stop Worrying About After College Graduation

by Liz Rae

College is an incredible experience, but it can also be a dramatic four years.

Once you graduate, a flood of things happen beyond the scope of just finding a job (and yourself). While job hunting is a very terrifying and necessary task, there are also many things you will realize no longer matter after graduation.

To help clear your mind, here are 10 things you won't need to worry about after you graduate.

1. Money

Yes, even if you have a low-paying job, you will most likely still have a job. Suddenly, making money doesn't really matter anymore because you know you are going to make it.

You now have the time to make money, so don't be so worried about not having it.

2. Having tons of friends

During college, it seemed really important to have a ton of really close friends and to always have someone to hang out with.

After graduation, you'll begin to realize having a lot of really close friends is actually a lot of work, and many of them don't stay around after college. You'll realize having just a few good friends will matter more than having a ton of them.

3. Partying all the time

Once you get a real job, you won't want to party all the time. Granted, there are the few people out there who still do, but it won't matter as much as it did in college.

In college, it seemed like you needed to be partying all the time or you'd be the odd one out. After college, relaxing nights in become more valuable than spending all of your money on alcohol.

4. Working the best jobs

In college, it seemed like you needed to have various internships and had to work for a ton of cool companies in order to land an amazing career after college. You'll realize after graduation, many of the people you'll be working with have a lot less experience than you.

All of that time you spent looking for cool college jobs may have been worth in, but in the end, all that matters is your talent and ability to market yourself.

5. Living in a nice apartment or house

In college, having a run-down house could really turn people off. You may have felt like you needed to spend money on a really nice apartment or house to throw parties at.

After college, you'll realize having a run-down place would have been just as OK and would have saved you a lot of time and money.

6. Your social status

Just like in high school, you probably worried about your social status in college. And just like graduating high school, many of the people who seemed to be really popular didn't maintain that status after college.

Those people spent so much time defining themselves, and they became pretty basic people after college. You'll realize your academic career was way more important than all of the parties you attended.

7. Finding a SO during college

During those four years, a lot of people are looking for someone to continue their life with after college. However, you'll realize being in a post-grad relationship is a lot more rewarding and mature than any of the relationships you had in college.

While they were all lessons and made you who you are, they were much more dramatic than they needed to be.

8. Your schoolwork

In college, getting excellent grades and doing really well on assignments was a huge deal. After college, you'll realize your grades and your major doesn't matter.

As long as you can apply what you learned in class to the real world, you'll be fine. Studying for all those exams didn't exactly pay off after all.

9. Being part of college activities

People probably tried to tell you it was important to join clubs or Greek life in college. While some of these organizations may have been really great, they don't actually matter after graduation and won't help you find your path in life.

Unlike high school, joining the math club in college will not be the determining factor for a career.

10. Who You Were

You are not defined by your college career. If you made any mistakes or had a reputation, it won't matter post-grad. Any of the people who hurt you or remembered who you were will no longer be in your life.

Don't worry about who you once were. You create your own path and your own future, and college was only one piece of that.