The 10 Things Parents Just Don't Understand


Just like their parents before them, our parents have a hard time relating to aspects of Generation-Y. Whether it be the constant public picture taking, EDM, or most of our technology, there are just some things parents don't understand. Here are a few.

Piercings & Tattoos

The age-old parental discrepancy with bodily modifications. Parents will never understand piercings and tattoos.


While many parents have infiltrated Facebook and some real go-getters have joined Twitter, Instagram is still pretty much parent-free. This leaves our parents to ponder why we all have to take pictures of our food when they take us out to dinner.


This is one of the fucking annoying things that parents do not understand about Gen-Y. We do not care about, or check, our voicemails. There is a reason for call logs, enabling us to see exactly who called and when. In the time it takes to access our voicemail box and listen to your lengthy message, we could have called you back.

Binge Drinking

It may be a generational thing, but parents can’t seem to comprehend the way Gen-Y drinks. Binge drinking is basically the only way for Gen-Y to drink, as most of us drink to get drunk, or at the very least, get a healthy buzz.


Twerking is the pop culture event of 2013 that completely eludes adults. We have Diplo to thank for that one.


Most parents don’t understand whether Molly is a drug or a missing person.

Lil Wayne

What “Fiddy Cent” was in the 2000’s, Lil Wayne has become in our generation. Parents are completely confused as to why he is famous (as are some of us) and how to not pronounce his name as “Little Wayne.”

Our Fascination With Amanda Bynes

While celebrity trainwrecks come and go, the fall of Amanda Bynes has really captured the attention of our generation. Parents ask why we care? Um, maybe it’s the fact we grew up watching her sweet little self on 'All That' and 'The Amanda Show', and now, she’s trying to get her vagina murdered and wearing ratchet wigs.

The Term “Hooking Up”

When our parents overhear our conversations, or on those rare occasions in which we actually tell them the details of our romantic lives, time and time again, they seem to be completely clueless as to what 'hooking up' means. Whether they think of it as "hanging out,” kissing, sex or anything and everything in between, parents will inevitably be confused as to what level of involvement you’re at.


Basically, at the end of the day, parents just do not understand a damn thing about us. But for the most part, they have our best interests at heart, and we can’t get mad at them for that. Here’s to you parents! While you might not understand us, we love you anyway.

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