10 Reasons Why Free-Spirited Girls Are The Happiest Girls

There are certain girls we come across in the massive world who seem to glow ethereally from within. We never forget them.

They linger in our minds long after they leave, leaving us overcome with curiosity: who are these rare girls who have the ability to intoxicate us with their fresh and unique presence?

Their glow is not because they spent heaps of hard-earned cash on skin treatments. It's not because they've necessarily been blessed with impenetrable genetics either.

While all the aforementioned things help, their radiant complexion has to do with something more soulful...

These are the girls who have unearthed the most sacred, epic secret of the universe: the happiest girls are the free-spirited girls. 

They're the wonderfully wild girl creatures who were born with spirits that are illustriously untethered.

So what is it about this rare, free-spirited girl entity that makes her so unabashedly happy? Why is the gorgeously liberated, playfully elegant, beautifully open minded and enthusiastically wild girl so ablaze with authentic happiness?

1) She Lives In The Glorious Moment

A free-spirited girl is present in the glorious moment. She isn't overcome with worry regarding the epic stress of work, or school or arguing with her significant other. She is simply sifting through the here and now.

A free-spirited girl understands that the current moment is precious. She understands that all she really has is the present, that life is unpredictable--so she would only be doing herself a disservice to not bask in the beauty of the now.

True happiness can't thrive in the consuming fears of the future or the hardships of the past.

Real, deep-rooted happiness is taking the time to exhale and take in all the wonder that currently surrounds you.

2) She Dives Into Risks

A free-spirited girl doesn't allow the pressing fear of the unknown run her life. In fact, she soulfully embraces all that is unfamiliar.

A free-spirited girl is a creature who is unafraid to take risks. She knows that although there is a very real chance she could fall onto the pavement after taking a dive, there is an equal chance she could instead soar into the great blue sky.

A free-spirited girl also knows there is nothing she can't recover from, for the free-spirited girl is stronger than she looks. She knows exactly how to pick herself up if she was to fall.

3) She is Fiercely Independent

A free-spirited girl is an independent force-of-nature. While she absolutely loves being social and boasts a colorful spectrum of friends, she's equally content in her own company.

Her happiness isn't dependent on other people. It comes from within herself.

When your joy comes from within, you are never lonely and you embody joy, joy that you can always sustain no matter how dire the circumstances are.

4) She Is Unafraid Of Her Wild Side

We all have a wild, untamable girl residing within us, one who is begging to be set free.

Most people keep their inner-wild-child repressed because they're afraid of her. Our free-spirited girl, on the other hand never lets fear win. She embraces wild side.

A free-spirited girl has made friends with the wonderfully eccentric, bubbly, risk-taker that lives inside of her.

She lets her out to play, and she doesn't care if she's the loudest, most free girl in the room--which is precisely why the masses are so drawn to her.

5) She Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks About Her

A free-spirited girl doesn't waste her precious time worrying about what others think of her. She answers to herself and doesn't even pay mild attention to the judgments of others.

A free-spirited girl has her own moral compass, one that she trusts and deeply values. She doesn't require affirmation from others, she answers to only herself.

6) She's Playful

A free-spirited girl has held on to what most adults lose somewhere between the throes of thirteen and twenty: her child-like playful spirit. She's one of the few grown-ups who still knows how to play.

She's the type of girl to roll down a hill in a fabulous designer dress without a care in the world. So what if it rips?

She inherently understands that true style isn't evident in perfection. Style is about having fun and being authentic.

7) She listens to her wanderlust

A free spirited girl was born with a lust for life and irrepressible longing to witness the world.

She doesn't ignore the voice within her that is starving with an irrepressible desire to travel across the great expanse of the universe.

She listens to her desires, pays attention to her wanderlust and embarks on wild, impulsive, life-changing adventures around the globe.

8) She's Got Her Own Style

A free-spirited girl doesn't dress like everybody else. She has her own style, one that is wonderfully unique to her.

She's not worried about fitting in, after all a free-spirit doesn't waste her time trying to fit into the confines of a box.

Her style is creative and playfully chic. She's the kind of girl who picks up jewelry from her travels and won't hesitate to adorn each finger with a different ring.

She wears clothes that she can move in; she's always comfortable and ready to explore.

She's the kind of girl who takes fashion trends and reimagines them in a totally different way. Her expression of self is part of why she's so deliriously happy. It feels good to live and dress as yourself.

9) She's Optimistic

A free-spirited girl is a magnet to happy energy because she's so positive. She has such a thirst for all life has to offer, and is able to see the vast array of beauty in the world, the kind of beauty most people are blind to.

She's one of the last great optimists left in a cynical world.  She sees possibility in places that most people see negativity.

10) She's Spontaneous

A day in the life of a free-spirited girl is unpredictable. Her days aren't like most people's days, where one rolls seamlessly into the next.

She's not shackled to the handcuffs of routine. Everyday is different, just like her.

Because her life is so spontaneous, she is never able to predict everything. And the thrill of incessant adventure is what makes her so wildly, madly, irrepressibly HAPPY.