The 10 Things Needed For An Amazing Life

1. Honesty— lying and keeping track of lies can be stressful. Sure, sometimes we all need to stretch the truth a little bit- but try to avoid lying whenever possible. Being honest gives you one thing less to worry about and allows those around you to trust you.

2. Positivity—don't waste time being negative. Things have a way of working out- always.

3. Carefreeness—we waste too much time worrying about ridiculous things. Try to only spend less time thinking about the things you will do in the future and focus on the present. You can deal with shit as it comes your way, when it comes your way. Preemptive worrying is just dumb.

4. Hard Work And Perseverance—goes without saying. I don't believe this one needs explanation.

5. Confidence—people are attracted to confident people. The more you radiate confidence, the more interesting people will believe that you must be. They will want to have a conversation with you just to see why you have such a confident demeanor.

6. Don't Work Too Hard—take time to “smell the roses,” enjoy your kids, family, life, etc. Life is too short to devote entirely to your work. It's great that you enjoy what you do, but nothing is more important than the people in your life.

7. Keep An Open Mind—being opinionated is fine, as long as your opinions are subject to change if you hear a stronger argument for the contrary. Keep an open mind to new ideas, points of view. It's okay to change your mind.

8. Be Grateful For What You Have—if you have food on the table, a place to live, a job, health and healthy kids, then you're doing very well for yourself. Remember, no matter how bad your situation is, it could be a lot worse- and chances are that it is a lot worse for someone.

9. Be Nice And Respectful Of Others—when the shit hits the fan, others will be there to help you mop up the mess. But that's only if they like you; no one likes a disrespectful douchebag.

10. Always Keep The Big Picture In Mind—we're not here on this earth all that long. Make it happen and don't sweat the small stuff; you'll regret it if you don't.

Chris Quinn | Elite.