The 10 Bad Habits Gen-Y Has Developed From Being Babied By Our Parents

by Eddie Cuffin

It is without a doubt that Generation-Y has developed some bad habits that are holding us back from truly reaching our potential. Although we are bright individuals, there are a few things that are holding us back from reaching our pinnacle. This is due in part to our own attitudes and the way we go about things but it is also coupled with the fact that we have developed some nasty habits due to the way we were raised.

Times change and if you want to keep moving forward, you are going to have to change as well. We are currently in one of the most pivotal points of our lives when our actions and habits will affect our futures. In order to grow and to develop, we must break out of bad habits so that we can replace them with ones that are more beneficial to us in the long run.

Society plays a major role in the development of a human being and it is one of the reasons this generation is ruined. While there is no singular factor that is to blame for our bad habits, we can credit some to the way we were raised.

It is important that we understand who raised us in order to know how we can improve ourselves. We do a lot of things that the baby boomers tell us because we feel like they know better. Here are some of the bad habits the previous generation has bestowed upon us:

Why work for something, when you can get it handed to you?

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It seems like the whole of Generation-Y walks around with a silver spoon in its mouth. Our parents and those around us yearned to give us the life they never had. This, in turn, has hurt us because we were given everything we ever wanted.

There was no need to go out there and try to earn it for ourselves. Never being told no has forced us to develop a sense of entitlement, which leads us to develop horrible work habits. Nothing in this world is promised, wake up and realize that you have to put yourself out there.

Relying on the "American Dream" for a secure future.

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Go to school, get into a good college, and work for a respectable company with great benefits -- isn't that what we're told? The older generation loves to enforce this cookie cutter system for achieving success.

However what worked for them doesn't really work for us. In this economic climate, we are more likely to go to school and accumulate huge debt in order to learn a skill in hopes of getting a job that isn't guaranteed.

College doesn't guarantee that you get a job, especially in this competitive global market... and that's why you have to think outside of the box and find ways to differentiate yourself.

They have provided us a financial safety net that keeps us complacent.

Parents are supposed to provide for their kids, but there is a point when constantly providing may become detrimental and build habits that will not be helpful to their kids in the future.

We are so dependent on our parents money, that many of us will still rely on our parents paying our bills later in life. Don't be 30 and still living at home, learn how to earn your money so you understand the importance of budgeting.

Trying is just as good as winning.

There is no better feeling than finding a passion and becoming successful after working so hard. However, in this society, we tend to reward people just for trying. Everyone got a sticker on their test.

This has forced us to become okay with losing...the belief that sheer participation warrants acclaim. It's a common way of thinking in today's time. Well when it comes to the real world you can't just try if you want to be anything.

Divorce is just as easy as getting married.

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We have seen the rate of divorces rise like no time else. In certain ways, this has changed the way we look at marriage. It shows us that if something doesn't work out then we shouldn't try to fix it. Divorce is the easy way out and it is only getting more and more prevalent.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and everything is going to come with a compromise. If you don't see eye to eye with your partner, try to gain a better understanding of where he or she is coming from.

We get commended for things that are expected of us.

Growing up, we were all patted on the back for doing what was expected of us. In school, we were coddled in such a way that we only do what is required of us. Being commended for doing required work doesn't really encourage us to go above and beyond. Don't just do what you are told, find a way to go the extra mile.

We have become a super-sensitive, politically correct society.

Our parents have coddled us, which has made us overly sensitive. Everything is offensive and there is no longer a time where you can speak freely. You constantly have to be worried about offending someone. We need to recognize that we are too sensitive and that people aren't always trying to hurt our feelings. We can't even take criticism without being offended.

We look to follow corporate culture instead of thinking outside of the box and becoming entrepreneurs.

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Our parents have ingrained in us this idea that we should disappear into the monotony of corporate culture for the sake of security. We develop the habit of putting our head down and listening to what we are told to do. This leads to a mediocre life because you end up spending most of your time building someone else's dream.

It's never our fault, there is always someone else to blame.

When we got bad grades in school, instead of putting the blame on ourselves, many of us sought to blame the teacher. It's not the teacher's fault you didn't spend as much time studying or asking questions.

We need to learn to accept the blame for when things go wrong. Accepting the blame is the first step in improving yourself and making sure these mistakes don't happen again. Don't always look to pin the blame on someone else.

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