You think you’re an adult until your first student loan payment comes along and hits you like a brick. But for what it’s worth, you’re not alone. Everyone’s happy to talk about their college experience, but no one wants to talk about how they paid for it… and are still paying for it. Elite Daily’s Leave Me A Loan tackles what’s really going on behind the scenes with student loans — how we got them, how we’re paying for them, and what resources have helped us along the way. Everyone has a story, but you don't have to let your loan provider tell yours.

Working Your Way Through School IRL Is About Way More Than Just Hustle

By Lilli Petersen
It’s 2019, and us millennials are just starting to get the hang of this #adulting thing. And so of course, we’re all thinking about the universal albatross around our necks — namely, student debt. When I say that I paid for college while I was still…