YOLO Moment Of The Weekend: Puerto Rican Day Parade Cat Fight (Photo)

Yesterday marked the 56th Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade down 5th avenue in NYC. The day was filled with dancing, flag-waiving and cheering, as hundreds of thousands of people showed up to celebrate the festive event.

Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, except for two women who, well... I guess this image tells it all.


Whether it was the hot sun, the loud music, or constantly getting hit in the face with a waving flag, apparently something about the Puerto Rican Day Parade ignited a fuse in these two women. While the fight/disrobing may have been a distraction for some, most Puerto Rican men came home saying it was the greatest parade of their lives!

This display of female awesomeness at a public event in front of hundreds of thousands of onlookers makes this cat fight the Yolo Moment Of The Weekend.

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