This Is The Absolute Worst State In America, According To A New Study

by Kate Ryan

In an attempt to rank all 50 states in the US from best to worst, Estately considered eight different key factors to come to a *totally objective* conclusion. Once you hear the eight different judging parameters, I'm sure you'll agree this is the most scientific and comprehensive study ever conducted.

The indications of a shitty US state are as follows...

  1. Arby's locations per capita (source: Arby's)
  2. Vape shops per capita -- i.e. those bars where you sit around breathing flavored oxygen like a d-bag (source: Yellow Pages)
  3. Google searches by people looking to buy a hoverboard (source: Google Trends)
  4. Google searches for egg salad recipes (source: Google Trends)
  5. Total number of Nickelback concerts per capita held in each state (source: Wikipedia)
  6. Facebook fans of singer Chris Brown (source: Facebook)
  7. Magicians per capita (source: Yellow Pages)
  8. People expressing interest in GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle publication (source: Facebook)

Pretty spot on, right? Well, according to Estately's research, Nevada is definitively the worst state in America with the highest number of magicians per capita and the second highest number of vape bars. Interestingly, North Dakota came in 24th place even though residents there eat more egg salad than anyone and attend the most Nickleback concerts. Yikes.

Where does your home state rank? Here's their full list, in order:

  1. Nevada
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Nebraska
  4. Ohio
  5. Delaware
  6. New Mexico
  7. Tennessee
  8. North Carolina
  9. New Jersey
  10. Florida
  11. Maryland
  12. South Carolina
  13. Connecticut
  14. Pennsylvania
  15. Missouri
  16. Georgia
  17. Michigan
  18. Colorado
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Arizona
  21. Utah
  22. South Dakota
  23. Kentucky
  24. North Dakota
  25. Minnesota
  26. Illinois
  27. Texas
  28. New York
  29. Idaho
  30. Indiana
  31. Kansas
  32. Louisiana
  33. Alabama
  34. Rhode Island
  35. Washington
  36. California
  37. Arkansas
  38. Mississippi
  39. Montana
  40. Iowa
  41. Wyoming
  42. Virginia
  43. Massachusetts
  44. West Virginia
  45. Hawaii
  46. Vermont
  47. Alaska
  48. Maine
  49. District of Columbia
  50. Oregon
  51. New Hampshire

But which state ranked as the best place of all? That would be New Hampshire followed by Oregon and DC. Of course, I'm partial to California, but the sunny state took a deserved hit thanks to its massive GOOP cult following. But hey, the more you know, the better you can rag on other people's home states.

To learn more and find the study's complete findings, head over to Estately's blog. Keep on keepin' on, America.

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