Woman Trolls Jealous Ex Who's Spying On Her By Building New BF Out Of Pillows

Sometimes it's hard to see your ex move on.

Especially when it looks like they have found themselves someone warm and cuddly, who will never hurt them or leave them, and will always be there to support them.

Which is exactly what happened when 18-year-old Tiffany Badland created herself a boyfriend out of pillows in order to prank her jealous ex who kept spying on her through her windows.

Tiffany, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, explained,

He goes out every weekend with his friends and gets really drunk and looks through my windows.

That's not creepy at all...

He doesn't actually speak to me on a day-to-day basis, he just spies on me at the weekend. It happens pretty much every weekend.

Right... Oh, and it gets worse.

My door has glass built into it, so they could see through, but not properly. I've experienced my ex coming into my garden in the past, knocking on the door, checking to see who I have at my house.

One weekend, to teach her jealous ex a lesson, Tiffany and a friend decided to dress up some pillows in men's clothes to make it look like they had people over.


Tiffany explained,

We knew they would come back here later that night.

Tiffany even sat next to one of the pillow men and draped its arm around her to make it look as if they were kissing.


As she predicted, her ex and some of his friends came around after a few drinks, and when they saw the "men" through the windows, they went crazy.

They were banging the windows and calling us tramps through the letterbox. We were laughing so much that we were crying – which wound them up even further because they thought we were laughing at them, when in reality we weren't.

After the episode, Tiffany posted the photos on Facebook.

She accompanied the photographs with a message,

When your ex is a weirdo who spies through your windows with his mates when he's wrecked to see if you have lads round, so you make some pretend lads just to piss him off. Absolutely howling!!!

She added,

Hope you had fun looking through the cracks of the blinds and curtains! And getting all irate over some overdressed pillows. Weirdos.

After the post went viral, she decided to take it down.

Sadly, her ex never really got the joke. He still believes there were men over that night, and not only that, but he thinks one of them was his brother.

Tiffany had used a pair of his sweatpants that he left at her house, and her ex claimed he saw "the look on his brother's face" when he supposedly caught them cuddling up on her sofa.

I guess some guys really will get jealous of anything.

Even a pillow.