This Woman Has The Largest Fake Boobs In The World, And They're Huge (Photos)


There are a lot of people out there (who can most commonly be found populating the state of Texas) who genuinely believe the phrase "Bigger is better" is a good philosophy to live by.

Those people have obviously never heard of Mayra Hills.

Hills, professionally known as "Beshine," is a German "model" who you probably won't find populating the pages of your favorite fashion magazines anytime soon.

This is because Beshine is known for having the largest pair of fake breasts in the world, and there's not a piece of designer clothing big enough to cover them.

You probably have a few questions, and while I won't be able to answer "Why? Just... why?," I can tell you that her measurements are 59-28-36, with her 32Zs (or a XXX cup) weighing in at a total of 40 pounds.

If you've ever wanted to see what someone would look like with two overinflated beach balls stuffed into the front of her shirt, you're in luck.

Those might actually just be frozen turkeys

Keep away from sharp objects

I hope her routine also involves every back exercise ever invented

I hope she knows that her shirt is stretching a little bit

Scariest. Costume. Ever.

Just ignore the veins

Horizontal stripes make things look bigger (because she definitely needs help with that)

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