Holy Sh*t: Woman Absolutely Destroys Cheating Husband's $130K Audi R8

by Connor Toole

Relationships can be complicated sometimes, but there's one aspect of dating that's pretty straightforward: If you cheat on someone, you're a bad person, and you deserve to have bad things happen to you.

The owner of this Audi R8 allegedly got to experience karma in all its glory after he cheated on his wife and perpetuated all the stereotypes you associate with people who drive cars like this.

As of this writing, no one has been able to track down the owner or the perpetrator to confirm the story behind the destruction, but based on the "F*CK YOU" and "KISS MY ASS" delicately scrawled on the trunk, I'm guessing this wasn't the result of a hailstorm.

It could have been a bear attack, but I don't think a bear would carve dollar signs in the paint.

I think the smiley face is meant to be ironic.

That might need some fixing.