Woman Accidentally Sends Text About Her 'Juicy' Vagina To Wrong Number (Photos)

Internet, how many times do I need to go over this? You gotta double check the number if you’re going to send a risqué text message to a significant other, especially when that text involves you talking about your "juicy" vagina.

How hard is it to just CHECK the number before you hit the send button?

If I am going to talk about MY hypothetical juicy vagina, the FIRST thing I'm doing is making sure I’m sending it to my hypothetical husband and not my hypothetical boss or hypothetical rabbi/priest/sheikh.

Please look at this text message convo posted to Imgur, have your mandatory laugh session and then learn a lesson about the importance of having at least mediocre attention to detail.

Nothing like some good post-coital flirting using a Woman’s Day article on vagina facts.


Oh no. That’s not good.


This guy is a champ for handling it the way he did, by the way.

I would've freaked out and thrown my phone in the river.