If We're Being Honest, This Is What It's Like To Get A Brazilian Wax (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

We females are subjected to way, way more body maintenance and hygiene practices than men are -- and while we all like to participate in a little No Shave November action (or sometimes just consider hygiene practices to be suggestions and not rules) -- most of us understand the sheer pain that comes with waxing.

Specifically, bikini waxes. More specifically, Brazilian waxes.

As if having to spread your legs while some random person pours hot wax all over your lady parts isn't enough, waxing straight up hurts. And it can be awkward as hell.

Above Average set out to make a comedy video to portray the sheer pain and (sometimes) humiliation that comes with waxing in the fourth episode of its series "Katie: A Lady."

As expected, the clip is hilarious -- and totally spot-on.

Check it out up top.